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Not-So-Mixed Signals

I've been dealing with a lot of emotional "turmoil" in the past few weeks, for lack of a simpler word (I'm not about ready to end it all or anything..).

One woman I know from long ago, who suddenly became someone of interest. I approached her about this, and was immediately told no way -- she lives 2700 miles away in any case; I'm a glutton for pain, I guess.

One woman I also know from long ago, who is simply a fond memory at this point. Another member of the human race determined to fight out a marriage where the partner is a cheating, lying bastard, mostly because she is afraid of the image it will produce of her and her family, in my not-humble opinion; also the one and only married woman ever I have even considered having a relationship with "because of her circumstances".

One woman who I have never met, know nothing about, who was suddenly put on a phone with me by a friend who I'm quite unhappy with. Some "friend".

One woman who I will never meet, in an attempt by my mother to get me "out and about". Typical "mother".

One woman I've wanted to get together with since my divorce, who I waited two years to approach (for myself, mainly). She's been "too busy" for me, and I've tried to be patient, but I think it may be time to move on.

And now, one woman I've been up close and personal with in minor ways over the past 3 years, who I'd now really like to date. In fact, I told her this, asked her if she would like to, and she said yes, swapping phone numbers with me and briefly discussing schedules (I know here only through her place of business so far).

I'd like to believe I'm on the road to some one-on-one happiness in all of this...


MOVIE: Casino Royale

The newest (yet first...) James Bond flick was thoroughly enjoyable. Casino Royale was a great show, clocking in at well over 2 hours by my recall.

I did find myself getting ready to leave twice during the movie, because I believed it was about over, then realized "oh, it's... still going" but that's not really a bad thing. It just meant it felt like a complete story, and then there was MORE to tell.

I was a little scared that it might be taking one of the really bad elements of the one Bond that was starring some gentleman I don't remember (his only Bond movie) in regards to the "relationship" he was in... but no. It ended up a cliffhanger movie, where you "must see" the next one, like a serial novel, to figure out more of what's going to happen to this "brand new double-oh agent".

The opening action sequence was by far the most amazing one in a Bond movie ever, by virtue of sheer human horsepower and (I'm sure) film editing. It makes you want to train for the Olympic gymnastics team.

I look forward to the sequel.

DVDx Saves The Day

I don't recommend software very frequently, but since I'm now waist deep into minor video editing (mainly for the purpose of mastering DVDs, such as those I create for the Spruce Creek High Steppin' Hawks Band here in Port Orange, Florida) and found myself in a predicament in regards to using my Sony HandyCam's (model DCR-DVD105) widescreen DVD videos with any success, I can now definitely say that DVDx was my savior!

This free utility lets me convert my VOBs into multiple other formats (in my case, I chose WMV for various reasons) after a little bit of time spent converting and measuring to verify integrity of the video.

I still have no clue (not DVDx's fault) why when I want something to be in the same aspect ratio as it originated in, I have to falsify the destination resolution. Mental note to myself and all - when converting a 720x480 VOB to a similarly 3:2, or 1.5:1 ration WMV, I ended up using a ratio of 1.7666:1, for which I'm not clear why, yet, nor why multiple softwares state that you have to "figure this out" - why isn't it constant? It's all digital...). Specifically, in my case, so far I'm using 848x480 as the output resolution, at Full Zoom (i.e., none) to get a great file that matches the 720x480 aspect ratio. Really bizarre stuff, in my opinion. Maybe one day I'll spend the time to figure it out...

In any case, DVDx can be found via this website, or on SourceForge where it is hosted.


An Invitation

I invite each of my children to become part of the SOLUTION (see yesterday's post) instead of continuing to be part of the problem.

Doing housework for one afternoon does not fix the problem.

Discussing and working out the issues is the solution.

I refuse to allow my household to drown in anarchy. There will be a resolution to this, and it will BEGIN immediately, or else I will have to pursue "my own solutions", and frankly, I can't think of any good ones on my own. If you (my children) do not want to be part of the solution, I will be left to my own ideas.


Happy Home. Not.

(( I have decided that this original post should be removed, so that it is not a constant reminder of things that, once in a blue moon, come to light and get blown up, causing nothing but more bad feelings ))


A Fence For Rumble

I need to build a fence. It's that, or get rid of the dog. The dog needs access to the outside, full time, so he can do his business. I'm tired of him "loving me so much" that he pees on my bed, my blankets, my couch where I sit... it's insane.

At the moment, this is my current thought on what I think we should do. We live on a corner lot, so the rest of the property would look odd if I fenced in a portion. I'd love to fence in the entire yard minus the front, but two issues stop me from pursuing that actively (what the neighborhood bylaws may say about such things, since we're on a corner, and how much it would cost).

If you have ideas, feel free to share them. Rumble is a miniature dachshund so he doesn't require a tall fence necessarily, either...


Fred's Getting Married

Cool beans, Fred's finally going to marry Manda!

And I get to be a Groom's Man.. um.. yeah.. I have no clue.. so.. someone educate me.


Spruce Creek High School Does It Again!

SCHS received straight SUPERIOR ratings at this year's FBA (Florida Bandmasters Association) field show competition in Deland, Florida. Way to go, Hawks!