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Not much to say about this movie. If you like them gory, this one's for you. If you are "into" the Saw series, you'll find the new twists interesting enough.

This isn't Titanic. It's a horror movie. It serves it's purpose. I enjoyed it.


Goin' Back To Cali

Yes, it's finally that time...

So I'm literally walking out the door in a few minutes to get on a flight (leaving out of Daytona, thank God) to California. I'll be visiting friends, in-laws, and attending reunions for Calvary Road Christian Academy and Duarte High School - class of 1986 (I graduated from CRCA, but attended DHS for almost 3 years, and consider it my true alma mater).

I look forward to visiting with Marty, John, Dan, Clay, Debbie, Jessica, my mother-in-law Cathy and whoever else I run into. I plan to take pictures galore!

As with most people at most reunions I assume, this will be the first time in 20 years I will have seen the vast majority of these high school friends and acquaintances. I'm sure it will be a real eye-opener.

I plan on staying offline (for the whole trip if I can manage it).

My kids will be spending time with their nana and papa, as well as the normal school activities and work (Chik-fil-A and McDonald's). I will miss them terribly, but hopefully will have enough to do with friends that it won't be a big obsession.

So... I'm off! Later days...


Your Daughter Is Dead

Yeah, that title catches your attention, eh?

My daughter was in an automobile accident yesterday. She called me, crying, and let me know that she was okay and that she had to be picked up because she was under age. I had to be the in-control father, asking the right questions, walking out of work to travel 20 miles to get back near home and find her with her friend (the driver) and the friend's father finishing up with the police.

She bruised slightly, and sore, and probably a little spooked since she's on the verge of being an on-her-own driver soon as well. But she's fine it seems.

I'm very thankful no one was hurt, but it still spooks me at 3:45am in the morning the next day. I could have lost 25% of the most important people in my life yesterday.

I love you guys. And yes, posting embarassing pics of you like that are one of the ways I show it...


ATMs For Jesus

Well, this pretty much does it for me for THIS year as far as religious news goes. ATMs are now available for contributing your tithes and offerings at church.

Don't believe me? Yeah, click here, ye unfaithful, and believe.