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MOVIE: Cowboys And Aliens

A relatively unique storyline (which is not seen very often these days it seems like) played out by some great actors (plus Olivia Wilde, who is on the other end of the spectrum, and who apparently some people think is a "beautiful woman") with some very generic, previously seen (Independence Day, Super 8, name a few more alien movies from the past decade) ends up a "good movie".  I enjoyed the action, the mix of old west, aliens literally lassoing humans (that's irony, folks) and the various interactions (especially those with Harrison Ford's character).  I did not enjoy seeing an alien, with fish-bug eyes, with hands coming out of it's chest, which was physically larger than the humans, which frankly was horrigly NOT unique in an otherwise nice idea for a story.  I also thought that "Last Airbender" boy could have actually shown some real emotion instead of playing young Spock, but oh well.

Go see it.  It's worth it overall.

MOVIE: Captain America - The First Avenger

I completely enjoyed this movie.  Being a lifelong comic collector, I'm of course pretty judgmental of such movies.  But frankly, they did a fantastic job overall with this.  Sure, I could name several things that could have, should have, would have been good (most notably, involving Nick Fury in "the past" and his possible exposure to the S.S.Serum, involvement with the Howling Commandos, etc).  The movie just worked for me.  The catchup with the present worked perfectly.  The post-credits clips of The Avengers coming in 2012 were tantalizing.  GO SEE this movie if you have not yet.  It's loads of fun!