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MOVIE: Doomsday

Doomsday, by the commercials, seemed to be an English/Scottish takeoff of Max Max. That's pretty much what it turned out to be. It was an enjoyable little post-apocalyptical adventure, though "Max" this time was a chick. I seemed to be more interested in finding inconsistencies with the storyline while watching it, for some odd reason, but it was adequate fare for a post-birthday sit-down event. ;-)


Recording People In The Workplace ... Legal?

Anyone know the legalities of recording audio in your personal workspace? Basically the equivalent to turning on a tape recorder in your cubicle, and recording any sounds that happen to come into your cubicle?

Unfortunately I have to work within a few feet of some very uncontrolled, time-wasting, loud mouthed people, and my Human Resources department refuses to do anything about it (apparently I'm expected to keep headphones on all day with music blasting, to which I guess I will just have to sue someone when my hearing starts to go).

It's absolutely insane the stupidity I hear on a daily basis, and the low level of work it's obvious these people are doing. Makes me want to get on the phone and chat for 2-4 hours a day from work... but my work ETHIC does not permit this.

This is almost as stupid a situation as an that of an ex-wife posting things online (combined with what she says and does) that makes my children look at her with disdain on a regular basis. How stupid.