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HP Acting Stupid

If the computer comes with an Nvidia 9500 GS (includes VGA, DVI and HDMI outs) and the monitor packaged with the system comes with VGA and HDMI ins... it should include an HDMI cable, not just a VGA cable.



The Dream Begins

Today, I took the first step toward a lifelong dream. For literally decades I've been toying with the idea, since I was in my teens. It's something that many have told me I should do (or even be doing full time) and I am now ready to put my full effort towards it. I've had what I needed to do this since I was a kid. I was hesitant to even say anything to anyone, so I've decided to make one post about it right here, then be done talking about it.

I'm writing the screenplay that I was destined to produce (since the age of about 12). I'm already well underway with the "bible" for this idea (as it will in fact be a series of screenplays) and if I stick to my guns, I think I have a shot at being the next Spielberg or JMS. I've had this "in me" since I was a kid, revisiting it and refining it and even jotting down ideas and such over the years, even in the incarnation of a very short lived comics group (R&M Comics) that my friend John Rigali and I toyed around with in the eighties. I still have sketches from that brief brainstorm and it's always bugged me that I did not pursue that life... but no longer.

I'm really excited about this. I've already recorded a ton of background information for characters and situations. I need to get my laptop serviced quickly so I can work on this uninhibited.

You heard it here first. And believe it or not, my kids were indirectly responsible for this resurgence of creative energy. I hate that they're growing up and getting on their own so quickly. :-/ But they'll always be my inspiration.


Anthony's Graduation Ceremony

Today we go watch Anthony graduate officially from high school at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach. I will, per the norm, be running around shooting video and taking pictures instead of relaxing and watching the festivities. (this is my self-prescribed lot in life)

Then apparently we're going out with Anthony's mother and grandparents for dinner at Crabby Joe's or The Crab Shack or I've Got Crabs or something like that (I'm honestly unclear what the name of the place is). It's free dinner, so that's cool. :-)

Anthony got his graduation gift last night, and has been using it for many hours since, configuring mail server settings, downloading software and setting up IM accounts and the like. I'm sure he's happy not only to be in a laptop, but also to be in a "modern computer" that can actually handle modern software without any hassle (he's been using an HP Brio that I received free and I doctored up to the max, which is not saying much as it's a very limited machine to begin with). Now he's on an AMD-based dual core several-gigs large system with all the typical bells and whistles.

Next stop, college and a career rivaling Chef Ramsey! >:-)


MOVIE: Terminator Salvation

Went to see Terminator 4 (aka "Salvation") last night. Here's my take...





CGI Arnold? I was thinking it would be a literal cameo... but for him ("it") to have an actual starring role in the finale of the movie was pretty insane. He no longer looks like Arnie soon as "it" is damaged and so on, but it was still an interesting move.

Christian Bale is certainly a different "John Conner" than we've seen before, and he's not really in charge (yet, has "faithful followers" who defy orders in deference to his wishes). The whole gotta-save-daddy-who-is-still-a-teenager plot was not exactly Oscar material. I actually would have been comfortable with the death of Conner and Reese in this movie since it can be explained away and/or cause more time travel stories in future iterations, but alas, they chose the safer route.

The cyborg Marcus was by far the star of the movie in my opinion. I fully expected to see him as the "last man standing" ready to take the reigns of the series. His fate is not clear to me (despite his apparent sacrifice at the end of the movie). There are several ways to explain away his continued existence.

Was that another Will Smith child breaking into movies playing as the mute child? I couldn't tell and didn't watch the credits long enough to check. There were no post-credits videos (as I came in at the end of credits of the previous showing).

Overall a decent flick. I'm not going to go see it again, but it was a nice update to the aged Terminator franchise.


Wettest Day On Record In Daytona Beach?

I just heard this morning that we had the wettest day on record (I assume Wednesday May 20 2009). What?! After the hurricanes and such that I've been through, that was the wettest day? Wow. It *was* very wet, but I remember flooding and lakes forming in streets on other days in the past. Hmm.


Mandi Is (Officially) Engaged!

Amanda and her longtime boyfriend Marcus are now "officially" engaged (though it's been unofficial for several weeks now). They went out and bought a very nice ring for Mandi's finger. I haven't taken a pic yet of it, but will soon 'cause I know all the females who know her will want to see, etc etc. :-P I'm happy for them, and hope for a good engagement and marriage. She's just returned to school and changed her course of study to Dental classes, which is also cool, attending UCF currently.

Another Year With Spruce Creek Band

So the 2008-2009 school year here in Volusia County, Florida, is quickly coming to a close. Last night (it's now early morning the next day) was the yearly Musical Performing Arts program banquet (or "band banquet" as it's usually called). The usual mix of awards, videos and "Gunkie rights of passage" took place. It was a relatively fun evening as usual. Then some of the students stayed for the dance afterwards. It was good to see both Anthony and Christopher (at his girlfriend's behest) let loose for a bit. The boys (ahem, young men) and I along with Amanda, Chris' gf, went to Steak 'n Shake afterwards. Overall a good end to the band's school year. I took a small handful of pictures, but doubt they'll go online (not sure yet). Also played with the HD digital vidcam during the dance to see how well (if at all) it performs under poor lighting, which is still the bane of my photographic and videographic existence. :-P

Next year (and the following one) I will only have Chris at the high school and in band. Doesn't really alter my responsibilities, but will make it easier to "choose" who gets attention for this or that event. (yay)

Anthony's still looking at the possibility of either going directly to Jacksonville School Of The Arts for Culinary training, or possibly starting at Daytona State College first. We'll see how that works out after we're sure what's going on with his scholarship eligibility with Florida Bright Futures, et al.


MOVIE: Star Trek

See this movie.
See this movie.
See this movie.
See this movie.
See this movie.
See this movie.
See this movie.
See this movie.
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(see this movie)

I'm not kidding. Star Trek has been brought to the "next generation" (pun not intended). My kids loved it. My mother loved it. I loved it. Dad would have loved it.

See this movie.