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TV: Glee

Wow.  How did I *not* ever watch this show?

Oh wait.  I still haven't seen a single episode...  but I stumbled upon "Dream On" by the Glee Cast (featuring Neil Patrick Harris) and was dumbfounded that I had not ever heard these songs yet to date.

Well, I've fixed that.  Huge memories of being in chorus back in church and later in high school (though not singing secular songs, of course) come back when I hear this type of music, chorus with simple accompaniment.

Now I just need to catch an episode of the series.  The music is awesome.  No wonder there are several titles on the Top 40 every week.  It's cool stuff!

Not Replaced Yet?

(original posting removed for the purpose of courtesy to those still surviving at a former employer of mine)

Sorry to hear that my former department is having so many woes, after talking to one third party, and then one first party, witness to the debacle.  :-(


MOVIE: Grown Ups

I was really looking forward to this movie, since I'm in the age group it's aimed at (the ever-lusted 25-49 male demo).  I would give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.

The reason such a "LOW" rating?  Well, if it only had starred Sandler and James, I would have liked it a lot more.  The other three (Rock, Schneider and Spade) were simply dumb, most especially the Schneider relationship with the much-older woman.  It didn't do "it" for me.  It was just terrible in that regard.  But the two main stars were hilarious!

See it, but try to hit a matinee price if you can.  Otherwise, you may grumble for having paid full  price for this.


Be Careful.. The Pork People May Come Get You

A news story I first read on Slashdot sounded like an April Fool's joke hitting two months too late... until I realized it was about an April Fool's joke.

The people who own the slogan "the other white meat" sent a Cease and Desist letter to, a website dedicated to Geeks the world over with great products that only they could appreciate. For what? Selling (and advertising) Unicorn meat as "the new white meat". Keep in mind that the listing was a joke on April Fool's day.

It's no joke. Click here for the story because (a) it will make you laugh, and (b) it shows how ridiculous the American trademark/copyright/image-protection laws have become. They even showed how they (ThinkGeek that is) are promoting pork with their many pork-flavored products (popcorn, envelopes, etc).

Read the link. They even called the pork people to apologize for the confusion between pig and unicorn meat.

Sad. But really funny. ;-)


Give Me Your Personal Information

Please, tell me that it's a SMALL MINORITY of human beings that would actually give out information blindly to someone who calls them as seen in the transcript below. Please! It's insane... and yes, the transcript below is accurate.

    Phone rings. I answer it. "Hello?"

    PHONE PERSON:   "Hello, is this Mr. Anthony Malena?"

    ME:   "May I ask who is calling?"

    PHONE PERSON:   "I'm calling about a business matter."

          I decide to verify. "This is he. How may I help you?"

    PHONE PERSON:   "Would you please verify your address?"

          I wait. About 10 seconds later...

    PHONE PERSON:   "Sir? I need to verify your address."

    ME: nbsp; "Sure."

          Another 5 seconds.

    PHONE PERSON:   "Could you please tell me your address so I can verify that I have the correct person?"

    ME:   "Oh. Apparently you want me to give out personal information to someone who called me, who I have no way of verifying what company they're with, and who might next ask me for my Social Security Number or Birthdate or something else. Is that what's going to happen? I am not aware of any company I do business with that would blindly call me, not identify themselves, and ask for personal information. For all I know, you're a serial killer who blindly called me.. or an ex-girlfriend.. or a special ops agent sent to kill me..."

    PHONE PERSON:   "Okay, sir. We will mail you a letter. Thanks for your time."

    ME:   "That might work. Hopefully the letter being sent will be clear on who you are and what your company is trying to sell to or buy from me. Thanks!"


I really want to know:   Would anyone reading this post actually give out something as "simple" as their address to someone who called you and you are clueless as to who they are? EVEN IF they had said "I'm with Reader's Digest," would you do it?? I could call someone, from a friend's phone, work phone, public phone, etc, do the same thing.


Infiltration BAD!

I'm currently having an IV at the hospital to get medicine in me for a problem I'm getting resolved (horrific back pain, among other things). Tonight, at 10:50pm, I woke up and came very close to screaming.

The IV had apparently slipped out of the vein, but stayed in my skin, and the two drugs being fed into me were going there (instead of into the bloodstream as is needed). My left arm was very firm to the touch, and felt like it would literally pop if I had a pin to do so.

Needless to say, I freaked out.

First thought:   I was having an allergic reaction, but I'd had this drug before years ago. So I moved on to...

Second thought:   I was having a heart attack. Left arm, seemingly numb, vague memories of being told that numbness in the left arm is what precedes a heart attack.

I hit the nurse button. I continue to escalate my concern verbally ("someone please come here quickly," a bit loudly)... and a CNA shows up asking who I needed. "The nurse, please.. hurry.." while I'm holding my arm. Having your arm feel like an over inflated balloon is not at all "comfortable".

I'm told that the IV has infiltrated and what that means (link here for Wikipedia). I begin calming down. Whoa. That was NOT FUN. Jiminy christmas!!! So I'm laying here finishing this post, and will then hold my arm up in the air (per the Wikipedia article on this).

Hey, Seinfeld's on. Something to distract me...


Hit Zero

I dial the 866 number. Voice menu gives me options 1, 2, 3, and 4. I try the logical, then all, options. I am never sent to a live person - only to a "all operators are busy, try again later". This went on for almost a month (2-3 times a week at least).

I find a "local" number. I call them. I get to a voice. They tell me I have to call this number in Jacksonville and ask them to help me.

I call Jacksonville. I leave voice mail. Again the next day. A couple days later, they call me back, and when I give my request, they tell me they have nothing to do with this and cannot help me.

I try the 866 number a couple times (no one available), then the local number again. They tell me that I have to call the 866 number to do this. I explain that I can never get a live person, ever. They ask if I (appx) hit zero, then waited, then hit zero again to get to someone. I ask them to explain to me in simple terms. They do. The voice menu, which has no zero option, I should hit zero on. But then, it tells you it does not understand. Then it gives you the same voice menu with a zero option added to the end. Hit zero again... wow! It tells me there are no operators available and to call back later.

I'm quite familiar with the idea that a hidden zero "operator" button exists on these voice menus many times. But to hide it, then give a response that it is not understood when you hit it, and then to know you're to hit it again...

I do not break anything at this point in frustration...

I call local again, explain it to them, and give them my own version of how I'm going to "work around the system" due to the incompetence of what they've setup. She gets a supervisor, prints out the information needed to help me... and gives it to an "on call" person who is supposed to call me back.

Here's to hoping!!