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GE And Holographic Storage

A co-worker of mine sent me this link which sounds pretty intersting (after I read it a couple times to convince myself it wasn’t some hoax or spam)...

GE unveils holographic disc breakthrough


Spruce Creek High Spring Concert

Spruce Creek held the Spring concert featuring all the bands and orchestras and a couple combos tonight.  It was a nice send off for the year, plus as a bonus, the seniors sang the school Alma Mater which is no longer a tradition at the school (shame).


MOVIE: Fast And Furious

Not having been one to "rush out" and see the previous iterations of this movie franchise (I vaguely recall seeing the "Tokyo Drift" installment, and I've seen bits of another one on TV recently), I saw this movie with one of the kids because I was told by two of the other kids that it was both fast paced and "actually had a story line".

While it's not exactly Oscar material, I did enjoy the flick. Fast moving, not too much in the way of profanity and gratuitous sexual silliness (but yeah, it's there - especially Vin Diesel liking to make feline references to people in a derogatory manner - am I'm being vague/clear enough?). Vin Diesel gets his "just desserts" at the end, though. It was worth the trip.

Books, Covers, Judgements

I got wind of a woman (47 years of age) in Britain who appeared on one of their reality talent shows ("Britain's Got Talent") and how she had wowed Simon Cowell and company with her fantastic voice... after everyone rolled their eyes at her because of her otherwise "plain" appearance and speech patterns.

This video clip of her performance is simply awesome. She completely stunned everyone present (no exaggeration). It's a really good lesson for those who have a tendancy to not judge books by their covers (which, let's face it, we all probably do daily).


Anthony's 18th Birthday Party

Anthony and his friend Bennett Miles spent the day today celebrating their 18th birthdays here at the Malena household. Lots of Guitar Hero and Rock Band being played, that's for sure. I participated in a few sets (drums) as well. Fun fun. Pics are online.