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MOVIE: Various

King Kong (2005):   I really wasn't overwhelmed with "wow" on this film.   Yes, Kong was CGI and interacted with the human actors nicely (in most cases).   Yes, there was a LOT of action in the middle and end of the movie.   And yes, it had a very sad ending.   But really, there were periods of the movie where I kept thinking.. "did anyone onscreen SAY anything in the last 20 minutes?"   Even now, thinking about the end of the movie, I can't recall any dialogue other a coulpe of random blurbs.   Even Kong himself was using sign language (no joke)! This was not an exceptional movie.   I don't even think I'll bother taking the kids to see it.

Memoirs Of A Geisha:   Desite arguing with my daughters about how to say "gay-shah" (with a proper alternative of "gee-shah" -- saying "guy-shuh" is just wrong), I really liked this movie!   It "felt long" by the time it was finally ending (which is odd for me to say, since I like movies that make me feel like I got my money's worth) but overall, it was a nice film.   I would have no problem taking my kids to see this (and will, most likely) even with the vague references to sexual situations (the snake and the cave was rather amusing).

The Producers:   I enjoyed this movie (laughed a LOT) but it was not as "awesome" as I had hoped -- this is more due to my own self-perception based on the commercials, because Matthew Broderick's character was just.. uh, disturbing.   You can't really get too much of Uma Thurman.   The storyline was funny (I've never seen this on stage) and Will Ferrell was great as the lead "Nazi".

If I were to put these in must-see order, it would be Geisha, Producers, then Kong (during a matinee).


Christmas 2005

The day is pretty much done, and the most noteworthy booty so far includes:

Daniella (16) - 5 megapixel Digital Camera (rechargable batteries, 1GB memory card), comforter, leather pillow, fuzzy pillow, notebook, stationary, earrings, ears pierced, $100 gift card, $25 gift cards x 2, Pocahontas DVD and drawing, bath supplies, books, pencils and pens, pocket planner and more...

Amanda (15) - 5 megapixel Digital Camera (rechargable batteries, 1GB memory card), comforter, leather pillow, fuzzy pillow, notebook, earrings, ears pierced, $100 gift card, $25 gift cards x 2, bath supplies, books, pencils and pens, pocket planner, necklace, notecards, Cry Wolf DVD and more...

Anthony (14) - Remote control Humvee with trailer and ATV, sports balls, books, pencils, four-board game set, Lord Of The Rings Trivia DVD game, $25 gift cards x 2, $100 gift card, magnetic phrases, pillows, giant blanket, logic puzzles, beanie and more...

Christopher (12) - Remove control truck with trailer and ATV, $25 gift cards x 2, $100 gift card, crayon figure maker, multiple Lord Of The Rings characters, beanie, pillows, 10 boards games in one, comforter, pencils and pens, calendar and more...

Tony (37) - Gazelle aerobic training exercise machine, dress shirt with two ties, calendars, $25 gift certificates x 2, gothic candelebra, 13 Going On 30 DVD (Jennifer Garner.. yum), two quotation t-shirts, manicure kit, Christmas bonus from work, and more...

Nana (57) - A guitar with amplifier, assorted gourmet mustards, candles, soap, lotion, Christmas bonus from work, and more...

Papa (59) - Assorted clothing, popcorn machine, deep-fryer, dress socks and more...

And, of course... I had the kids FINALLY unwrap the XBox360. Cool beans.


Christmas Lunch For Terry

Apparently my company decided Tony was not a good enough name for me..?   (I'm sure this was some bizarre error - it was just funny to receive this after working at my company for eight years)


Christmas Cookies 2005

Six hours later, we're done.
  • 138 Butterscotch Morsel

  • 96 White Chocolate Morsel

  • 99 M&M Candied

  • 131 Chocolate Chip

I must have been crazy.   But, eighty bags and labels later, they're done, ready for co-workers and school teachers and friends.


I Want To Fuel MY CAR With Banana Peels

There has been a lot of talk in the past couple of years about alternate electrical and fuel sources.   I've even had indepth discussions about it with friends and my father.   This article is just another of many that shows promise in such a market.

The day we have easy to access near-unlimited "power" is going to be a "great and terrible day" (since it will also mean certain "groups" will find it that much easier to do stupid things... like hurt people, spy on you or do other stupid things -- but such is a part of "technological progress", unfortunately).


Suicide On MySpace?

So tonight, I catch word that someone SUPPOSEDLY committed suicide on MySpace.Com.

This is very bizarre.   One site has the blog entry that he posted, while his MySpace account shows current activity.

Hoax?   Real?   This is too bizarre.   And sad (if he committed suicide, or if he was so bored as to pull such stupid stunt).

Some Amusing Videos

I ran across a few videos early this morning... the first one is just geeky-cool, the second one is just hilarious. There is a link to some more (some are.. odd..).

The Wizards Of Winter - christmas lights 'done right'!!

Forget the Girls... this is Cats Gone Crazy!

Some more here.