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Tron 2 (aka "TR2N") featured at ComiCon 2008 in San Diego

Disney had a nice surprise for those attending their presentation at ComiCon... test footage from a possible Tron sequel, which appears to feature Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner!

As long as the link works (as many links are being pulled down, probably by legal threats), here is one to the video shot by someone ... let the Light Cycle battle begin (as Flynn watches on)... here.


MOVIE: Mamma Mia!

I mainly saw this because I like Abba's music, so it ended up being me and the females of the family going. My wife and I literally laughed OUT LOUD when we walked in the theater and the entire audience was:

1. in the back half of the theater (far sighted I guess)

2. covered in white or grey (or no) hair

It was just too funny - I really should have taken a quick picture of the audience but that's illegal I guess...

The movie, based on the play, featuring the music of Abba, was "fun". Definitely a chick-flick for the most part, but still nice if you enjoy their music. The storyline is not exactly what you'd like to have your kids worrying about (one of these THREE MEN is your dad, guess which one, 'cause I dunno!!). But it was still "fun". I actually enjoyed it.

MOVIE: X-Files - I Want To Believe

I DO NOT want to believe I paid to see this episode. Yes, episode. It was a middle-of-the-road X-Files episode. That's how the commercial for it advertises it, and lo and behold, that's all it was. I was very unhappy that I spent ANY MONEY at all seeing this movie. :-(

MOVIE: The Dark Knight

To say that this movie surpassed the first of the reinvented Batman franchise (which started with "Batman Begins") would be an understatement.

Heather Ledger's Joker was truly a fresh approach, which worked well. It's unfortunate that if they bring Joker back, they'll have to find someone new. Harvey Dent's character worked well, but I wish he'd had more screen time "post transformation".

I'm still frustrated with the whole [rough voice] I'M BATMAN [/end voice] schtick they're using. He sounds like he's going to start choking one time because of the gutteral sounds coming out of his mouth every time he talks.

The cell-phone OMAC-ish subplot was also interesting (especially given the Batman storylines of the last few years in the comic franchise). I felt that the cell-phone "radar" was just a bit much (but I'm sure someone would argue "Okay, it's a man in a bat suit doing impossible things, so...."). I felt they stole this from the Daredevil movie, basically.

Fun movie, nice and long, and lots of twists. Loved it!!


"Billy" - music playing application

I'm using Billy now. He's my friend. He uses less than 1% processing power and plays my music very nicely, with basically no impact on my computer. I like Billy. :-)

See Billy and his friends here.


MOVIE: Hellboy 2 - The Golden Army

Pretty good flick, good effects, decent storyline. I did think that Perlman's voice (actor playing Hellboy) seems a little "wrong" to me. I mean, I remember it being gruffer in the first movie. Now it seemed like an every day white-boy's voice. Weird.

I don't collect or read the Dark Horse comic that the movie series is based on (doesn't interest me) but the movie was fun. Juggling babies is not something you get to see everyday. :-P

Blue Springs State Park

Since the State of Florida decreed that Sunday you could get into the state parks for free, we took advantage (thank you, Mandi, for getting us up to do this).

We had a blast swimming in the water there, going down around the fissure and looking inside. One guy caught a fish with his bare hands (I found it odd that a huge trout-sized fish would be swimming around lazily in water infested with humans, but oh well).

It's pretty cool taking a party of Ten out to have some (basically) free fun! Then our party of eleven (plus Anthony's girlfriend at that point) went out to see a movie (Hellboy 2).

One odd note: The state of Florida decided (due to a government official who was slighted once, according to the gate guard) that as the parking lot is full, you are denied access, and that instead of shutting down the park for 3 hours at a time to wait for more parking, they literally change the status of availble parking as people come and go. This in itself seems wise; however, actually being the person who came through the gate, was denied access, then the people immediately behind me WERE GIVEN ACCESS, left a sour taste in my mouth. You cannot "stand" at the gate and wait (which is ALSO stupid, even though I'm sure it's to prevent a line from going out the gate to the main street) and they deny u-turns so you theoretically have to go blocks away to turn around and go through the gate again and play russian roulette. So, we waited a couple minutes, then got back in the drive-in lane, and proceeded to drive 1 mile per hour towards the guard shack (helped by some bicyclists). By then, we had two openings for our two cars. Otherwise, we'd have been turned away again. Hilarious, and stupid, at the same time. :-P