The ongoing prattlings of a lifelong geek and his random luck with love, work, children and rediscovering himself.


David And Takako Married

Well, they were already married, but Saturday we celebrated their marriage officially in Orlando. I was the best man (damn straight). It was great fun, and very touching. Lots of pictures are online at my family site.


MOVIE: Cloverfield

So the hype surrounding the "1-18-08" movie, known now as "Cloverfield", was pretty much well deserved. After watching this "Blair Witch" meets "Godzilla" crosspairing, I found myself wanting to hate the video-camera shooting technique (the entire movie is told from the vantage point of a person video recorder carried around by a couple members of the cast). I couldn't find the ability to hate it, though. It was good. Really good.

The "monster" was technically secondary to the storyline. The story is about how a group of friends survive the destruction of New York, wilderbeast like monsters and the us armed forces. It's a fun ride. Let's home J.J. Abrams does as well re-creating Star Trek this December as he did producing this movie.


Spider-Man Reset?

Good lord.

First there's the clone-saga. Yikes. Then all the dreaded symbiot stories. Arrgh.

Now, JMS comes along and does some awesome things with the character (even if there was also the CHILDREN of GWEN STACY) and than SNAP! They reset things.

There better be some good twists with this. Comics can get to be very frustrating when you've collected and read them as long as I have.


Yep, I'm engaged. And in case it's not clear to who... it's Vesta, the woman who's captured my heart, mind, body and soul. WOW!

No dates yet; we're discussing rings and dates and guests and locations.

She's awesome. I can't wait!!


The Love Of My Life

On December 23rd, 2007, I met Vesta.

On January 6th, 2008, I decided I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

I've never been so scared in my entire life. A lifetime of learned traits are making me very cautious in this. Fears of rejection and false pretenses are non-existent. Vesta is someone I never could have hoped to meet. Of the "two real loves" I've known in my life, Vesta is literally an amalgam of them both, plus unique traits all her own. It's like a dream come true. How did this happen? I feel completely unworthy. That pisses Vesta off. I can't, however, help how I feel. It's no shortcoming on her part; it's me (as cliche as that sounds).

My mother loves her. My father seems to like her. My kids like her very much. My friends like her. It seems that most everyone is happy that I am happy and sharing my life once again with someone special.

I am 100% totally in love with Vesta Lee Maloy. We intend to get married. I am going to wrestle with my own "petty fears" (my own words) and Vesta seems intent to wait for me to come around. We've already discussed in great detail most of the key issues involving the merger of our families. My kids will read this and know for the first time that I feel this way (though they have clearly seen how much we care for each other already) and I have no problem with that.

Last night Vesta and I, joined by my friends David Prather and fiance Takako, as well as Fred and Amanda Weston, "howled at the moon". We went to an establishment named "Howl At The Moon" which features dueling pianos and lots of fun. It's definitely an adult experience (alcohol is the beverage of choice, and a few things done are intended for the mature-minded). I can honestly say we had a blast, as did David and Takako (I believe Fred and Amanda enjoyed themselves, but may have felt out of place, or had other concerns I was not privy to -- I really wanted to press this issue, but chose not to). Pictures should be up later tonight at my home website.

And just in case it's not clear...

I love Vesta Lee Maloy. I intend to marry her.


Thunderbird Took A Vacation

December 24th, 2007. My Thunderbird client decides that about .05% of my email is Junk (the actual ratio is usually about 85%, and then I remove the rest manually).

January 3rd, 2008. My Thunderbird client (no updates) suddenly starts processing Junk mail properly again.

I'm curious if this was a worldwide phenomenon or if it was limited to me. I'd debated uninstalling and reinstalling it, but lazily left it as-is. Now it's working again. What the heck.