The ongoing prattlings of a lifelong geek and his random luck with love, work, children and rediscovering himself.


TV: Doctor Who (season 29)

(aka Season 3)

Just finished off the season, and definitely enjoyed it. Had a rather "typical" ending, which was a little frustrating, but it worked. It would be nice if the US got episodes of the Doctor at the same time as the BBC, but as long as I can get them when I want, I guess I don't care.

The effects are very impressive. I can't imagine that the creators of Doctor Who back in "the day" would ever imagine the technology that would go into it, twenty eight seasons later! ;-)


MOVIE: Live Free Or Die Hard

If you liked the other Die Hard movies, you'll enjoy this one as well. Over two hours long, to boot. Lots of fun, and mildly entertaining technophile references (if you are one, you may find yourself searching the various computer screens for legitimate references versus Hollywood-ized versions.

Oh, and the good guys win. Hope I didn't spoil it for you!


The Mighty... Four?

I spent this evening with my oldest daughter Daniella, having dinner and talking. I did much more talking than she did, but that was fine (I know when I get started, sometimes you can't stop me).

I'm hopeful that we mended some bridges and that we're going to continue as Father-Daughter despite recent events. Time will tell. The ball is still in her court as it has been for several weeks now.

I love all of my children, and she needs to remember that. No matter what.

So at the moment, life is looking up a bit for me, personally. :-)


ParaSailing On Father's Day

I took my dad and I ParaSailing on Daytona Beach today. It was a blast! Video footage from in the air will be online shortly. I'll post a reply to this posting with the URL when it's ready.


MOVIE: DOA - Dead Of Alive

Got bored. Decided to watch this movie. Basically your "alternative Mortal Kombat". Lots of beautiful, unrealistic women fighting impossible battles. Yay. I mean, yawn. Good movie if you're bored like I am while my kids are out of town.


MOVIE: Fantastic Four - Rise Of The Silver Surfer


This was a good movie. However, the ending was very, VERY abrupt. I was highly disappointed when suddenly they wrapped it all up in about 90 seconds.

The Silver Surfer was well played/animated. The storyline was "good" (especially Johnny emulating the "Super Skrull", for those who have any clue what I mean by that). I half expected the Frankie Raye character to go the way of her counterpart in the comic book from back in the John Byrne days (hey, there are sequels for that, right?).

One thing that just bugged the heck out of me throughout the movie: The contact lenses Jessica Alba wore must have been the THICKEST lenses possible! Good lord...

In any case, a good movie. I'm a lifetime comic collector, so I'm going to be critical of such treasures as the Fantastic Four and their treatment by Hollywood.

Now, about that ROM Spaceknight movie...


Too Kid-Centric

I knew that I was centering my life around my kids and their activities, and that my own wants and needs were taking a back seat to that, but... I have three weeks to myself, and I've found it hard to do much at all.

It's a bit depressing. I mean, I am a person of means; I'm not wanting for very much as far as personal possessions are concerned (then again, I don't want a lot really). I know that I would like to be in a relationship, with a female, ongoing, but that's not worked out yet. This, despite my oldest daughter's recent decision to leave our home "badly", has been really bugging me. I wish I could turn such desires off like a damn light switch. Really.

I've not exactly tried HARD to rectify the situation.

C.T., a great woman who happens to be part computer-geek (even runs her own application development business and hosts some websites). We've just never hit it off the way I'd hoped. She's got goals that definitely to not gel with what I'd want (including her plan to move in about a year to the mid-west).

M.K., who works at a Japanese steakhouse locally that I go to many times a year. She's beautiful, has a sweet personality, and we've shared phone numbers, talked on the phone, and of course I see her at work (I call ahead to make sure she's working on the nights I go to eat there). However, after talking on the phone, she revealed she had a boyfriend, and I immediately backed off. I'm not built that way. Sometimes it sucks not to be built that way...

B.E., the long-time person who haunted my dreams after, my marriage crumbling due to infidelity and associated rifts between my then-wife and I, we spent time talking, discussing possibilities, sharing more than we should have, spending a couple brief times together alone, a kiss that should-have-did-not-missed-out, and eventually the decision by us both to stop communication for both our sakes (only briefly rescinded a couple times). She knows I'd do anything for her. She also knows she's married the exact same person I was -- a lying cheating whoremonger. Fortunately for him, she is the type to stay and make it work, or at least stay and tolerate (funny, just like I did).

Then there were a couple of people at work whom I have never dated, never asked out, and in both cases, if I am to believe co-workers, it was probably a good thing (one with various issues and a bit younger than me, the other actually dating, but for good reason it was not clear she was).

Jessica is dating (of course) and we rarely talk simply due to the distance and the fact that I don't need to keep open the wound of my brief time with her while in California a few years ago. She's awesome, smart and almost too fast paced for me (but that was a good thing...).

I even got briefly infatuated (BADLY) with a fellow classmate from high school who I saw in person at the 20th reunion. I have no clue how it happened. Perhaps it was just the combination of her very, very hot pictures, her proximity to my hometown, and my own "needy" nature. She's great. We're friends (more than in high school, as we were not in the same circle other than being in band/color guard).

My co-worker and friend David and his girlfriend tried to set me up (to some degree) with their neighbor. I asked them not to. Just like Jessica, there is no use in being in a relationship with someone who lives on the other side of the state. She was not the type of person I was looking for, in any case.

Funnily enough, I met my ex-wife by virtue of my PASTOR and my MOTHER causing us to meet. She asked me out on a date, the rest is history. As I shared with my dad, I remember him saying that I'd "be with" the first woman to show me some attention (or have sex with me, or something like that). BINGO. strange as it may sound, I do not regret the marriage. At all. I loved her (still do, as an ex-husband and an almost-friend). And I got the one thing in life I looked forward to more than almost anything... children. FOUR of them.

They're my life. My joy. My sorrow. My happiness. My worry. My insanity. And the only change I'd make is to have had more.

But there's still time. And methods to expand the family even if I did not marry again. They're in my head, they're bookmarked in my Web Browser, and if it comes to it, I will look into adopting, mentoring, perhaps even a major job change later in life (another topic that's been hitting me more and more lately).

Ahh. Being home alone with the stereo going and nothing but my thoughts can be very eye opening.

ADDENDUM: I am SO GLAD that both of my sons are dating. The chance of them going through what I have is so much lower. Thank you, God...


MOVIE: Pirates Of The Caribbean - At World's End

My kids saw this movie before I did. They thought it was "okay" but not "great". Definitely not better than the last two.

I am not sure if I think it's better than the first two, but I do agree that the first half of the movie was largely a waste of time. The second half of the movie made it worthwhile, however. Four out of five stars, based on the second half of the movie.

The post-credits ending was cute, too. I'm sure 94% of those attending the movie have no clue. YouTube has it off and on (Disney keeps filing complaints to have it removed, but it keeps reappearing, recorded by some soul(s) via cell phone no doubt).


Message to "BE"

If I keep seeing you online as much as I do, I'm eventually going to do the worst thing possible for me, and perhaps for you....




What did we just watch?!

This movie was a cross between brilliant psychological thriller and, as my father put it, the ramblings of some film producer on acid.

I left the theater half thinking it was a cool trip, with a non-Hollywood ending (y'know, where they wrap everything up nicely?) and also thinking that it was just dumb.

I'm stumped.