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There Is A Hole In Your Mind

(ten points to those who recognize the quote)

Today, my younger daughter Amanda decided it would be cool to fly up in the air, and then, falling backward, land on her head, while roller skating.

So, we rushed her to the ER to have the large bump, with the hole where blood was coming out, checked. The doctor seemed to think the hole in her head was fine, so no stitches or medicine of any kind. Just a $300+ bill for 147 seconds of verbal advice while sitting on one of their beds.

Nift. Really.


To Mr. Fred Amoroso (Macrovision)

(actual email I sent in response to recent information posted at

In response to your letter addressing
Apple's position on DRM, and your own
company's, I can only clarify some
facts for you.

  Black is black.
  White is white.
  Up is up.
  Down is down.

I truly believe you are having
trouble with these concepts. Or,
you're simply concerned that your
company's primary (if not only)
business will disappear if Mr.
Jobs idea were to go into effect.

Good day.

Anthony Malena


Adopting A Valentine

Since I do not have a "significant other" at this time, and was feeling like I wanted to bring some happiness to the world in some form, I decided to adopt.

So, I have brought home a beautiful girl. She's five years old, and the kids all love her. Rumble (the dog) is interested in possibly hurting her (by virtue of his poorly trained nature) so we're keeping him aware from her.

Her name is Kira, which is perfect as it's just the type of name I would have given her. I love her to death! She was given up for adoption because her family could not care for her anymore. So we've bought her some nice bedding and are secure, private place to call home.

And so, our new Ferret, Kira, came into our lives this Valentine's season.



So apparently I have Iritis (may have had it for a long time since I've been light sensitive for as long as I can remember). Interesting.