The ongoing prattlings of a lifelong geek and his random luck with love, work, children and rediscovering himself.


Throwing Away Your Childhood

So my firstborn has decided that it's simpler to just throw away the majority of her belongings, in the process of living with her boyfriend's mommy and still being in high school. This is yet another disturbing turn of events in her life. After paying her money to help her get the vehicle she has running and licensed, and subsequently using it as an offroad playtoy, she's now said goodbye to band, memories of family (pictures, music, books, momentos) and basically thumbed her nose (figuratively) at me (yet again).

It's very frustrating to watch a loved one make "bad decisions". It's even worse having to sit back and wait (weeks, months, perhaps years) to see if she will make her life even worse as the decision making process continues downhill. I've tried to "be there" for her... but I'm the one she was "fleeing from" so I guess it was foolish to believe she'd come around. Foolish, or the hope of a father who wants her to have everything in life she deserves... not what she's currently headed for. :-(

MOVIE: I Know Who Killed Me

Lindsay Lohan is a slut. She likes to cuss. Lots of people took their young (very) kids to see this movie in the showing I went to with Amanda. I felt dirty being there with my 17 year old. I can't imagine having a 7 year old there. This movie was a dud, overall. Dumb plot, really. If it had handled better, and had an actress leading the movie, it might have been decent... like a low-grade Stephen King short story. But alas, it's not worth more than a matinee showing.

MOVIE: The Simpsons Movie

This was a longer-than-usual episode of the Simpsons, with slightly better animation. I don't think that should be a shock to anyone. *yawn* Oh, and it offered nude underage children. That's great...


Miami and the Florida Keys

The kids and I (and (Mandi's friend Laura) went to the Florida Keys, with a stopover in Miami.

Miami was a bit of a bust, as this was an impromptu trip, and we couldn't really find much to do (planning would have been good, for Miami).

The Keys, however, was (were?) a great time. We went all the way to "mile zero" in Key West, then spent the day boating, jet skiing, snorkeling, and wondering if the lightening later in the day was going to electrocute us.

It was a great quickie vacation!

MOVIE: I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry

Amusing movie. That's about it.



Off we go, to Miami and the Keys. Fun stuff, those impromptu vacations. ;-)


MOVIE: Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Something told me to wait for a matinee showing of this movie. But the midnight showing came on opening day, and I decided to go with Anthony. It was "okay". Definitely a "bridge" movie that if you are not a watcher of the OTHER movies, you will be lost.

Really. It was just "okay".


MOVIE: Transformers

I was actually amazed.

I set myself up to believe this movie was going to be so-so. Good effects and adismal plotline.

I was actually amazed.

I believed that the hype for this movie was overdone. I was certain it would fall short of expectations, so I set them low.

I was actually amazed.

I REALLY ENJOYED this movie! It had a great blend of humor and special effects. Yes, it's a bunch of robots from the eighties animated series brought to life, but I'll be darned if I did not decide I want to go see it again! And I'm going to!

The use of "shaky cam" was probably done for more often than I liked in general, but it was an effective way of integrating CGI and live action and to hide any "problems" they likely had keeping the two aligned "perfectly" throughout the movie.

Go be amazed. I am now anxious for the sequel (I counted four storylines minimum that could be spread to the sequel(s)).