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MOVIE: The Longest Yard

The kids and I were bored after the barbecue, so we headed to the Port Orange 6 Theatre and saw THE LONGEST YARD. It was good! We thoroughly enjoyed it. As long as you can believe Adam Sandler playing a quarterback in a football game, the rest comes easily. :-)


Memorial Day Festivities

Happy Memorial Day to all. We will be eating and making merry as much as possible here at the Malena household.


Bill Gates' Charity and XBox 360

A level of respect I had for Bill Gates (yes, Locutus of Microsoft, the all-father of so-called software monopolies) after reading the latest article about him and his charity.

You can see the article here to learn more about what's happening.

I anticipate that Bill might soon decide "excuse me, yeah, I think I'll take over this World Health Organization thing you have going so that I know it's being done right," And frankly, it will probably end up better off when that happens. Let Ballmer do the Microsoft-thing.

...and yes. I will be purchasing an XBox 360, of course. That ended my 2-year-long thought of creating a media center PC for my home - no need to now that the 360 will do what the XBox opened the door to.


School's out

Today is the day.

School ends. And I end up with four kids relying on me to keep them UNbored all summer.

I've got July covered (trip to California) but not much beyond that yet.

The girls will probably work a lot (money money money). Perhaps I can get Anthony into some kind of job(?). I'm not sure if that's logically possible at age 14 in this state (Florida).

There are free movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at two separate theatres. And there's always the YMCA membership that we have which is not used "as much" as we'd like.


ROM Spaceknight

I registered my latest pet domain: ROM Spaceknight dot com

You probably don't know who or what he is. You will soon.


Water... lots of water...

So yesterday, the water-connection to the refrigerator decided that it didn't LIKE the refrigerator any more, so it disconnected itself. Four to six hours later, when my daughter got home, she called me to inform me of the inch of water on the bottom floor of the house.

In a meager attempt to think positive instead of negatively, I will say "thank God that we have hardwood laminate flooring instead of carpet in our house" (the stairs don't count).

Several hours of wet-dry vacuuming later, the water is gone (that which I can see, at least). My muscles, not used much in the past month due to my recent hospitalization, are screaming at me. The floor is NOT clean as some might imagine after being wet and then vacuumed -- it's quite dirty and now needs to be cleaned more than ever.

"Calgon, take me away..."


MOVIE: Star Wars - Revenge Of The Sith

The kids and I decided we are going to bow to the advertising pressure and go see ST:ROTS on opening day (which means Thursday, May 19th at 12:01am in the morning). It should be fun. Tickets are already purchased.

The soundtrack to this movie is spectacular (John Williams outdoing John Williams yet again).


Prisms, Birthdays and Banquets, oh my

PRISM: Thursday (May 12) was Christopher's birthday (though we are celebrating it today here at home) but was also the day of the Spruce Creek High School Prism Concert for 2005. All of the performing arts groups get together and put on various solos and groups. Pics are on my website under the Pictures link as usual. It was a great evening.

BIRTHDAY: Chris turns twelve this week. We have some of his friends coming over today to eat, drink and be merry. Pics should be going up in a day or two.

BANQUET: The Spruce Creek Year-End Awards Banquet is tonight. I will be sporting a spiffy new outfit, alongside my well-dressed daughters. It takes place at the Daytona 500 Club (infield at the Daytona International Speedway).


G-Dawg (aka Bill Gates)

I browsed a few "blogs" tonight (gawd I hate that term) and found a REALLY funny pict that someone captured and put a caption to. It.. is.. hilarious!! Visit it here.


Distributing Vast Sums Of Money

I have been given power-of-attorney by an individual to distribute a large sum of money to less privileged people. This should be interesting. I wonder if the $2 million I won in a foreign lottery is ever going to arrive? That was about 2 years ago now...