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MOVIE: Jennifer's Body

The kids wanted to see it. I had a free pass for myself. It was something to watch for a while. I laughed a couple times. It was really dumb, for the most part. Someone give Transformers Girl an acting lesson. Popcorn was good.


An Employee's Prayer

Dear Lord,

Please grant me the wisdom never to feel I need to "assert myself" repeatedly and endlessly with those around and/or below me in the chain of command. It would make him.. I mean me.. look stupid.


ROM has arrived

The first of two ROM's arrived yesterday, in surprisingly better condition than I could have dreamed considering the ridiculously low price I paid for him. Just waiting to get a mint ROM in the box now. Yay.


Orbiter Online - 15 Years

I was reconciling disk space on the primary server here at the Malena home -- the one which houses the websites I host for me, my family, several local school and non-profit entities and others -- and came across a few texts from Orbiter Online's history that are still technically online (though not directly linked via Orbiter's pages currently). It was a pleasant stroll down memory lane... Orbiter existed in BBS and Internet form from 1994 to 2004, then becoming a host for non-profit endeavors until this very day.

Fifth anniversary text

"About Us" text

Ten Year Page (after we were offline briefly - the beginning of the end of Orbiter's BBS and gaming)

I still get occasional requests to put MajorMUD or TradeWars back up. Hmm.