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The Old Debate Renewed - Picard vs Kirk

Wired Magazine posted a modernized article on the old geek debate of who the better Starship Captain is, Picard or Kirk. It's amusing, and I tend to agree with the results.


Yay, Los Angeles!

Sorry Orlando. Maybe next time.

LA Rocks. ;-)

Thus speaks the Cali-Native living amongst the Floridians.


Credit Where Credit Is Due

My company has, of course, been hurt by the economic recession, and has taken different steps every few months to help combat it. I give them high credit for what they've done so far (I guess if I were someone who actually lost their job, I'd feel differently, but...) and the latest move (three days unpaid Furlough to be taken one day per month in June, July and August) is the latest move. I feel highly confident that things are going to rebound in the long run, and have faith that the Executives are doing the best they can to keep things rolling, keep clients happy, and keep productive staff employed, that they can.

Family Vacation In December

The final touches are being put on our Family vacation in December (though as of now, both Daniella and Amanda have opted out, which saddens me).

We'll be going to Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands, then Isla Roatan in Honduras, then the country of Belize, and finally Cozumel, Mexico, on a cruise. Thanks to having the right days off of work, we ended up with an insanely fantastic deal for the trip. Next step is to pick out Excursions for each stop, then it's just sit and wait for December to come around.

I'm really excited! The boys and I are sure to have a ton of fun!!



What a great little movie! I did not see it in 3D, but the story was just "cute" as anything. From the beginning montage which probably brought some people to tears, to the interesting cast (including talking dogs which were done "semi-believably" so much so that you accept them by the time the movie's halfway over) to the absurdity of a house being floated across the planet via everyday balloons. It was a very beautifully animated movie, and I actually saw it twice this past weekend (took one of my sons to see it Sunday). I highly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone!

Windows 7

This week I make the jump to Windows 7. I've already downloaded it and received my key. Should be an interesting journey, as they lock me into getting used to it, then a year later I'll have to purchase it or downgrade (and since it's the "Ultimate" version they're giving people, I'm sure they love that idea).