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School Is Starting

So begins SENIOR YEAR for my daughters, and the one year that ALL FOUR of the Mighty 4 are in High School together. Should be fun. ;-)

THEATER: Peter Pan

Seaside Music Theater's production of Peter Pan was "okay". I wasn't that thrilled with it.

1. The introduction was waaaaaay too long.

2. The first Indian dance number was... dumb.

Captain Hook was very enjoyable. Peter was just as "okay" as the musical itself. I think they spent so much time getting the flying-by-wires routines done that they must not have realized that it just wasn't that good. I hate to say such things, because I really love the work that Seaside does in general, but it's how I see it.

Next up for the Malena family: Broadway Across America in Orlando!!


THEATER: Snapshots

By the man who brought us "Wicked", this play/musical was VERY GOOD! It was a great story of love and life, from teenage angst to post-children decision time -- it really is a well assembled story of a couple who's life goes through various twists and turns, ending with a bittersweet finale mixed with just a drop of hope. "Snapshots" encompasses childhood, college, life lessons, humor and a healthy dose of reality for those young enough not to have experienced most of it yet... I was pleasantly surprised that this was such a good production (what I considered to be a "filler play" during this Summer Season at Seaside Music Theater).

Mentos, The... Death Maker

I happened upon this video, and I was ROLLING...