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Birthday Poem

I received a personally-written poem from my older daughter for my birthday.   It was probably the sweetest thing I have ever received from any human being ever in my life, and thankfully I'm a skilled "Malena male" (in other words, hiding my emotions comes a second nature) because under different circumstances, it would have made me cry out loud.

I may or may not post it online; I'm not sure yet.   It "might offend" one particular person... but then again, it's my poem, so likely I will do so.

My younger daughter got me an AWESOME DVD, too -- the 1968 release of The Producers -- which I plan on watching this week.   ;-)   Gnarly.

Odds 'n Ends 'n Odds

It's been a couple weeks or so since I posted, so I thought I better try to catch up in "one fell swoop" as it were, since today is my birthday and I've basically spent the day doing really weird, unrelated tasks around the house.   That started with making breakfast with my older son, updating my younger son's computer virus scanner and Firefox version, getting my gift from my younger daughter (who forgot to bring it to my party yesterday at my parent's house) and listening to my older daughter practice trombone off and on.

The boys are both going to Nana and Papa's house now to spend some time with them... something about a fence... so now it's just me and the girls.   I was going to go to MegaCon in Orlando, but today's events did not interest me as much as yesterday's would have, so "oh well".

The following events are in no particular order (either by date or importance).

I've been remodeling Malena.Net with formalized stylesheets (partly because I wanted to, partly for the practice in using Stylesheets).   Let me know what you think.   This also includes some new content, other content also being migrated to the new layout (especially the new ABOUT US page).

The kids and I went to see "Much Ado About Nothing", performed in classic Shakespearean format (with dialogue only slightly modernized).   This was a treat!   The actors, performing at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University did an excellent job, and drew the audience into the play constantly.   I'm very glad to have been able to experience this.

Friday afternoon, at the company I work for where I serve as the Data Processing Manager, two members of my department were let go suddenly and without warning.   I also now answer to my "latest manager" (I've been there for 8.5 years, so it's just another in the string for me).   The latest scheme is to encapsulate the DP, Panel and Tables departments into one umbrella, to help better serve clients, which (the plan) can only be a good thing but (the execution) we'll see.   I've seen a lot of ideas come and go, and I've presented mine through the "proper channels" over the years, but apparently my ideas are only good enough for "within my department" at this time.   I remain cautiously optimistic that this will settle and we'll adjust to the now smaller staff.

I have continued to speak with Jessica in California via IM, email and occasional phone calls since our July 2005 trip.   There isn't much to say other than we're friends.   I wish for more (and I think she does, too) but I never fooled myself into having a long-distance relationship after my escapades with her last year (then returning home, 2700 miles away).   (sigh)   There is one other who I care for very deeply, who is not appropriate for me since she is married (despite the fact that she is married to the male-version of my ex-wife).   I don't date barely at all (actual dates attended can be counted on one hand, and they've all been with Jessica 2.7k miles away in a 10 day period).   That's probably pretty obvious to those who are not "dating inhibited" like myself.   Either way, I keep my priorities in line... that means, raising my children first.   If it just so happens that I can fit in a relationship without disrupting that, I certainly look forward to it.

My tax return turned out insanely good for me this year (I tried to work out a deal with the below-mentioned ex-wife, where we both would have ended up with more money in each of our pockets, but that did not pan out for really stupid reasons)   I decided, after talking with the Mighty Four, to buy a barbecue grill -- a really big barbecue grill -- so that we can have more cookouts over the summer.   I have a verbal "guarantee of use" from them by way of having friends over to the house (especially during the summer), so I think it is a good investment (and is nowhere near as expensive as it would be if I were not getting it at Sam's Club).

I decided to take a look at my ex-wife's MySpace today, and noted her latest "falling in love" entry (the last time I looked, which was on another service I believe, there were near-identical entries about various other men she's dated during and after our marriage).   Hopefully she may settle down and live life with one man and be faithful to that man.   She deserves happiness, no less than any other person.   She and I are not what I'd call "friends", unfortunately.   I like to believe it's all her fault, but I know better -- it's a two-sided coin of which I'm one side of.   If she reads this, she'll probably be upset with my verbage, but I tire of walking on eggshells in that last part of my former life, so I'm just calling it like I see it.   Sometimes she needs a healthy dose of reality.

My parents refinanced their house and have been using the money to make home improvements (I think that's what the boys went to go work on today, possibly?).   That's cool.

The kids and I want to go to Japan as our all-out-family-trip before they start post-high-school endeavors (college, armed forces, work, etc).   I have done almost no leg-work on this other than money that is being set aside for this purpose, so I need to get started.

I have another DVD to produce for the Spruce Creek High School Band year-end event.   After becoming the "official photographer" (in the words of the band director, Mr. Kidd) and then producing a DVD of the band's Peach Bowl trip in 2005, I've begun work (barely, so far) on the end-of-year DVD.   If memory serves, it will be played at the banquet in May as well as being sold to those who want a copy.

I am now both the host and webmaster for the Lakeside Jazz Festival in Port Orange, Florida.   That's nifty, and is loosely associated with the kids' high school band program as well.

I think that's about it for now.   *whew!*   Till next time...


ROM "the Spaceknight" to return?

I received a message today from a "Bing McCoy", who is the known creator of the "ROM the Spaceknight" toy (which the successful comic series was based on) stating the following to me:

  • Anthony -

    Greetings from the creator of ROM the spaceknight. FYI ROM will be ressurected soon.   Note that the official website will also launch in about a month.

    Bing McCoy

This is certainly interesting news.   Since I host and own the site "", and am an avid fan of the comic (not really the toy, since it was a flop) I'm VERY cautious about this.   Assuming it is true, I am weary to think what "they" are going to do to a well-written history of a great Character and Supporting Cast (in truth, I think it's safe to assume they are going to start fresh, since their current site ( makes it sound like Marvel has been removed from the equation, and Marvel owns the rights to most of the "true ROM myth" - the character itself was the only thing owned by Parker Brothers, now Hasbro.   The troubling part is, their site claims something that is not accurate:

  • Rights re-acquired from Parker and Marvel.   Discussions in progress for the return of ROM.

Marvel has had no say in the status of ROM for many MANY years now.   Referencing Parker Brothers is also odd, since it's actually Hasbro that would be dealt with in this matter.

The domain in question that has hosted very VERY vague information about ROM for a while now is administered by a "Brian McCoy", so we'll see what happens.   The above mentioned domain for the "new ROM" is administered by a "Brian Harris".   In any case, this is certainly interesting news.   I'm just not very comfortable with the prospect of someone who developed a flopped-toy developing a comic book from the toy they made over 25 years ago.   I'd like to have a positive perspective on this, but I'm definitely in a "wait and see" pattern right now.

More interesting is the fact that they are referencing Parker Brothers instead of Hasbro.   Add to that the fact that I personally attempted twice to obtain the rights to ROM to further his history myself, and my most recent attempt (in 2005) yielded this official response from Hasbro directly:

  • Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for your email. We appreciate your interest in our company.

    We regret to advise that Hasbro, Inc. is not selling rights to any games or products, which are active or inactive.

    If you have specific questions regarding this product, please provide them and we will try to have them answered. Please keep in mind that this product has been discontinued for quite some time and the information may not be available.

    We appreciate your understanding.

Obviously things can change over time, but again... I remain... "hopeful" but cautious.