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Barely Posting Lately - Maureen, Kids, Movies, Life

I had noticed tonight that I had barely posted anything in three months to my online Journal (which gets shared out to Facebook as well).  I've seen several movies and had some noteworthy events happen, but I've been very preoccupied in the past two of those three months with Maureen Falvey, someone who I've fallen head over heels for and have been spending a lot of time (on the weekends at least) with (though I have been posting pictures to my Picasa Web Albums which is normally linked to from my family website).  As of this weekend, we're in a weird place (I'm not sure what is going to happen in the near future, but I'm hopeful).

I'm not sure what direction I am going right now.  I've been working for the past two months at a new company in Lake Mary, Florida, handling data- and email-related duties.  My younger son is over a proverbial "final hurdle" to get his job of choice in the Army which he leaves for in July 2011 right after high school (and is getting rather buff lately I might add).  My younger daughter is home for the time being while she plans the final preperations of her marriage in September of 2011.  My older daughter officially moved out a few months back and is doing the work-and-pay-bills routine those of us with responsibilities are familiar with.  And my oldest song is serving in Afghanastan for the US Army.

I've stayed stagnant on my weight since losing quite a bit LAST year.  I'd like to lose a LITTLE more, but more importantly, I'd like to tone up a bit.  The YMCA was hit and miss, and has been miss in the past 2-3 months.

Of the movies recently seen, I can surely warn anyone of any interest level AWAY from seeing Harry Pothead Part 1, because they literally wasted everyone's money with a half-hour flick that should have remained a SINGLE movie, not split into two for money-greed purposes.   "Red" was funny (never read the comic).  Still love "Scott Pilgrim" which I now have at home (HILARIOUS/AWESOME).  I'm actually anticipating the Twilight Series finale(s) (hopefully Part 1 is not as bad as HP's part 1).

My mind is heavily on Maureen, and Grace, and Emma, right now.  We had a very odd event this morning, and there was a sudden shift in the romantic winds that took ME completely by surprise.  I'm still hopeful, and wanting, so we'll see.   The mind of a woman is a place that men sometimes THINK they know their way around, but they're usually wrong.  :-/ 

Back to work tomorrow after a four day weekend.  Woo hoo.