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Private Vehicle In Space

Check out here the story of history that was made this past Sunday evening. The SpaceX program has successfully launched a rocket into orbit. Cool stuff.


MOVIE: Lakeview Terrace

Samuel L. Jackson certainly makes a great "bad guy" (good guy gone astray, what-have-you). This movie was enjoyable overall, a story of racism seemingly brought on by the apparent cheating of his wife discovered by virtue of her death along side her lover (who was "the other color"). It was not a 100 million dollar budget masterpiece, simply a decent story that was well acted.



I think this is going to sound confusing, so bear with me:

Sometimes the stupidity of others, who are attempting to accuse you of stupidity in error, helps you to realize certain stupidities in your life that you need to rectify. So basically stupidity wrongly labeling stupidity yields discovering real stupidity, allowing you to fix said stupidity despite the fact it was original stupidity which was misdirected to begin with.

Clear? Great!


MOVIE: Disaster Movie

Now I can appreciate a good parody like anyone else. This was not a good parody. It was really.. REALLY.. bad.

MOVIE: Babylon A.D.

This movie lacked any coherent storyline. It had nice special effect, decent action, and ended with a wet thud. It was a waste of money in my opinion.


Getting Behind

I'm sure I've forgotten to list some movies I've seen (may post them if I recall them). Life's been interesting, busy, hectic, insane since June 14th (my wedding day). Wow. Having the Brady Bunch at home is definitely interesting!

More to come soon.

MOVIE: Tropic Thunder

Okay, yeah. This movie was definitely "offensive". It was funny, I'll admit. But I can imagine why certain "groups" would be angry about it. Tom Cruise as the overweight, hairy, foul mouthed CEO was hilarious though (the best part of the movie in my book).