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Time To Continue Life

The events of the past two weeks are just about finalized (just have some boxes to move to storage, basically).

Time to get on with living, as many present- and past-family members have told me repeatedly in one form or another I should do.


MOVIE: Shrek The Third

I was really, REALLY bored last night. I had to choose between Pirates Of The Carribean: At World's End and Shrek. Since the kids mostly said POTC was "okay, not better than the other two", I opted for Shrek.

I would normally not bother with a movie that has Eddie Murphy doing voices, since he is almost always a horrible choice for something aimed at kids.. but I'm sure some will say Shrek "isn't for kids". Riiiiiight.

The movie was "okay". I laughed a bit, but in general, it was nothing to shout about. I was not "impressed".

I should have bought the popcorn...



It's time I said my peace.

On Friday May 18th at approximately 11:45pm, my 18 year old daughter Daniella Malena elected to run away from home. The State of Florida defines her as an Adult, therefore in their eyes, my high school junior "left of her own accord".

That night, after discovering that yet again she has not been where she claimed she would be that day (and later, verifying that the two cell phone numbers she gave me for a "group of friends" she would be with were actually to her boyfriend and her boyfriend's mother). Other recent lies came to life as well.

I took the rough approach with Dani. I got in her face, gave her some verbal thrusts meant to instill fear in her. I took away her key to my Van which she had been driving while saving up for her own vehicle. I followed up in her bedroom about 20 minutes later with some kinder talk, though it did not go over well at all.

The boyfriend's mom came by with a policeman to "keep the peace", and Daniella left with them after telling her sister "I'm moving out, I'm leaving". I was not aware this was happening (I was working as usual on something). About five minutes later, her sister told me that she left.

I went to the police station and talked with Officer Scaccia (spelling questionable) for over two hours about Daniella, the situation, and the fact that since she is an adult, she gets to make this decision. He gave me some advice, which is likely why I've been able to cope to date... and some sobering facts about what he sees daily as an officer in Port Orange. I left "hopeful" but cautious.

That (next) day was pretty calm around the house. We prepared for my younger son's birthday party. I believe we may have seen a movie. That particular day is a blur. I really just shut down emotionally.

Sunday, we hosted the birthday party (very low attendance, due in whole to the honoree who purposely sabotaged the party - go figure).

By 8pm that night, my other daughter and I decided to go try and talk to Daniella at the boyfriend-and-mom's mobile home. Amanda knocked on the door for several minutes to no avail. Neither the mom, Julie Ann Luttrell, nor the boyfriend, Emmett Luttrell, came to the door (we knew Emmett was not there as we passed him on the street, and he was headed south on Spruce Creek Road at 8:15pm on his "chopper bicycle").

About 25 minutes later, I received a very hateful one-way conversation from Julie Ann, stating that I was never to step foot on her property again (she ignored the fact that I never did), and that I was not entitled to talk to Daniella (in so many hateful words). I kept the conversation polite on my end, and simply stated that "apparently my kids were right" (in regards to what little they knew about her) and hung up. She also made some silly comments on how I was not allowed on her tax-payer supported city street and that her (cousin? brother?) relative on the police force told her this and that about her rights. I simply wanted to talk to Dani. Julie Ann is now referred to as "Ms. Damaged Goods". It's simpler to remember.

Monday morning I went to work. Two hours later I went home. I slept the majority of the day. I then started collecting information. The facts collected so far, starting with Volusia County records on the property (and the co-owners thereof) down to other records obtained through public document sites have given me a general overview of who Daniella has ended up with. That, combined with Damaged's bizarre conversation "at me" on the phone make it clear that Daniella is completely manipulated by her current surroundings. But I can do nothing.

Tuesday, I did not bother with work at all. More information collecting, a couple of drives to certain locations to make some observations, some food (I've lost 8 pounds since Saturday morning) and to be truthful, I can't remember much more.

My other three kids, at this point, were probably thinking "wow, all this effort about Daniella...what about us...". This realization made me feel even worse. "I drove" Daniella away, and now I felt like making my other three love-of-my-lifes feel less important than a daughter driving by lust for a boy who has yet to find manhood and is dominated by a woman with extreme emotional issues by my observation.

Wednesday, I did go to work, but shortly, I received a phone call from home that Daniella had walked in the front door. As I was told this, Daniella, in typical fashion, stated over and over that "I'm just here to get a couple things", until I instructed the caller to repeat what I said out loud to Dani. I could not risk what Dani's intentions of anyone else who may have been with her - there was no time to even consider such things.


...then I heard the door slam very loudly. I was told that Daniella told my other child "F*ck you" as she left. I came home immediately.

Talking to the police yet again for another hour that day (different officer) I learn that my wife sent the police to Damaged's home in an effort to ascertain Daniella was safe. There was no answer on two visits. I have not followed up with it again, since it was not my call to do this (but what a great idea it was).

The previous day, during a brief phone call, Daniella told her mother in California that she was going to stop by my house Wednesday night and talk to me. She never showed up. Was it because of the visit earlier that day and the threat of police intervention (simply due to my want to protect my children from Daniella) or did she ever intend to come by and talk? I have no clue. She has already skipped school repeatedly, skipped the Graduation band performance which for normal students means they have failed Band (but perhaps the email I sent to the directors will avoid that), and she has made a copy of the key to the Van (easily proven by virtue of the personal items she took from it Wednesday morning, but then left sitting on the driveway after she came in the house only to get rebuffed). So now I have to get the van rekeyed.

Today, I was on my way home from being at work for a few hours, I tried to call Dani for probably the 20th time at Emmett's cell number (I don't bother with Damaged's number anymore, but my other daughter sometimes tries it). After two failed attempts at reaching anyone, I received a text message about 3 minutes later. It read, verbatim:

"Look whos in control now... U threaten to talk to my mommy and call the cops oh man scary. But look whose on my side my mom and the cops oh and ur lucky as hell that im a nice guy or i would have told the cops bout u hittin ur daughter. How u like them apples?"

So if I am to believe Emmett, Daniella is now (probably when Damaged escorted her out Friday night) telling Emmett and mom that I abuse her.

This is the last straw for me, as it's high time I concentrate on my three children, not a pseudo-adult who thinks she knows what's best for herself. Her belongings are mostly packed, ready for her to pickup. Her financial obligations (some of which she is not even aware of yet since she only became a self-sustaining adult six days ago) await her. Her trip to California this summer has been "cancelled" in favor of an open-end ticket so she can visit her mother at a later time -- this way, my children can visit their mother and grandparents in peace without Daniella present. She knows none of this. Maybe she'll read it here or hear about it from someone. I don't know.

I have not seen Daniella, nor heard her voice, since approximately 11:30pm on Friday, May 18th. I've left her voice mails where she is staying. I've sent text messages. I've tried to visit her. She is making it clear that she does not wish to see me "right now". She is living with her boyfriend, who I still believe to be a "good kid" but who is under two unfortunate influences:
  • Damaged Goods

  • Daniella

Emmett has potential, despite the fact that I cannot currently trust him due to recent events (by Daniella's report, so I cannot be sure now). Odd to me.. Daniella herself caused me to mistrust Emmett, and I'm beginning to second-guess that mistrust.

So, I have this off of my chest. My firstborn daughter has run away from home, a junior in high school, loved by her family and friends, talking to very few. I have several of her friends trying to talk to her. Multiple family members besides me have tried to get hold of her, but her calls are screened. She has her own cell phone now (something she's had since before she left, based on the information received from one very good friend of hers).

If anyone would like to try and talk reason to Daniella and help her out in some way, she can be reached as follows:
  • 5419 Landis Avenue
    Port Orange, Florida

    (386)679-2832 her boyfriend's cell phone
    (386)747-3752 her boyfriend's mom's her cell phone (never revealed to me; had to find out via third parties)

As for me, I have three children and a home to take care of. And protect. I will do so.

And to those mentioned in this message above: You are responsible for Daniella's well-being. Believe it.


Wanted: Alive

So, I'm back (a lot sooner than I planned to be).

What's happening, purposely in random order:

Christopher has turned 14 - today we celebrate his birthday with friends coming over for the afternoon to do the food, cake and Guitar Hero II thing. He already received a Nintendo DS plus a couple of games for it, among other items. I anticipate a lot of guitar, dance and possibly Arcade (MAME) action today.

Amanda has been doing several IB Program Finals this past week and next as school winds down. I don't envy the workload she has. I really did not enjoy school, myself. Rushed through it. She is much more Academic than I am (or anyone else within the immediate family, by far).

Daniella, on Friday night, decided that she did not want to be part of my household anymore, so she has left. We have no clue where she is, unfortunately. Messages left with her boyfriend have hopefully made it to her. We'd like her to come home; we love her dearly; the choice is completely hers as an "adult" 18 year old person. I personally hate how it's happening since I have no clue if she's safe. She is being completely selfish in this regard. Heaven only knows what I'll do if that is NOT the case, as those who "were involved" in her leaving are now fully responsible for her well being in my eyes.

Anthony's rocket, launched with other student's rockets recently, made the second highest height (which gave us pause to discuss basic Geometry, right triangles and the like) which is awesome. He's also (apparently, by my view) enjoying his work at Chick-fil-A here in Port Orange. Hopefully he'll get his Drug/Alcohol Test done so he can get his permit this summer and start preparing for the world of driving.

We just finished bathing all animals, fogging the house, related "fun" work. I've been burning DVDs as time permits this weekend (orders still being taken for last and this year's DVDs for Spruce Creek High School Musical Performing Arts Program).

That's about it right now. Summer's here, and with luck, we're going to the Keys some weekend to do some snorkeling, either before or after the kids' trip to California to visit their grandparents and mother.