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Well, I apparently missed Saw IV, and was a tiny bit out of the loop on this movie. It was "okay" for a Saw horror flick. Not the best by any means. The "shocking ending" was... eh, not that shocking really. I was not really impressed. Yes, there was some gore. But really, not even having seen the fourth movie, this was probably the least of them all by my book. Bleh.


Dad Should Get Better Soon?

My father (62 years in age) in the past 3 months has seemingly aged 30 years, with all the crippling effects of such a transformation, physically. Hands, legs, body won't move faster than a snail's pace. Unable to react quickly to anything. Falling a lot. It's been very discouraging for me and the kids, but especially my mother who is the sole bread winner as he's not working any more.

He was FINALLY admitted to a hospital to have (extensive) testing done (MRIs, X-Rays, Ultrasounds, blood, etc) this week.

There is no consensus as of last night, but one theory currently being tossed around is that he has a badly compressed disc in his upper back or neck. I'm assuming that this would mean that the disc is affecting his nervous system (mainly) and having a flow-down effect to the rest of his body, if this truly is the issue.

I'm just thankful someone at the doctoral-level is finally taking "an interest". We've been visiting him daily so far (me with or without some of the kids). We certainly want him to fully recover, but it's been more disturbing seeing someone who is normally fully mobile now moving with the grace of a 117 year old stroke patient. :-( But I am having faith that he is now, finally, getting the attention he needs...


New Watchmen Movie Video

Recently the SCREAM awards featured some new footage of the upcoming Watchmen movie. The original trailer was already a wet dream for fans of the movie the world over. Now, this new footage may very well make some of those same fans just pop with joy. I have to admit, I'm getting happier and happier the more I see of this production.

Though Alan Moore has stated publicly that he's not interested in seeing or being any part of the movie, I'd like to think he'd at least give it a view and state his opinion. Though he may be a perfectionistic self-righteous owner of the entire Watchmen concept (and rightfully so), some fans would appreciate having his take on the whole thing. I doubt it will affect the box office either way.   :-)

I also hope that the lawsuit brought on by Twentieth Century Fox doesn't cause the unthinkable - the complete shelving of the movie (then again, I'm sure it would end up on the Internet that much faster, so...)


Braces. Again.

So as the family winds down on the whole braces ordeal (the orthodontic kind), I get to go back in time. Yes, I now have braces again. Top row, six front teeth (or is that teef?). My front-right tooth simply won't cooperate so they believe a month (HAH) of having these one will solve it, if I get the retainer the same day they come off and wear it religiously. They had previously mentioned a simple operation where they cut the muscle and let it grow back with the tooth lined up, and frankly, I wish they'd done that, but I'm sure that'd cost me money that I can't afford right now. So, I've got these nice shiny braces with black rubber bands to go through the holiday season with. Yay.


Anthony Performs With Spruce Creek

Anthony had a solo tonight at the Winter Concert at Spruce Creek High School while playing with the Wind Ensemble. He was awesome! I was quite proud. :-) He's in his last year of high school and seems to be making the most of it (in more ways than one)... good for him.

Star Trek (2009) pics

I pulled some new photos of the upcoming Star Trek movie starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto today and thought I'd share them for anyone who doesn't happen to look for this stuff. This link takes you to them at my family website. I really hope the "bridge scene" is from another ship (perhaps the USS Kelvin)...


Richard Garriott In Space

All hail the geeks. We continue to show we're the true owners of this sphere. Richard Garriott, creator of Ultima line of games, is in space right now. Lucky dude. I wish I had $30 million laying around to do that.

Lendica = Happiness

Mom said it couldn't be done.

So now, I feel it is appropriate to proclaim myself the official, first ever, master of Lendica.

I created the recipe myself (since no one before me did. I posted it online. I refined it. I have made it several times. And now, I've made the biggest single vat of Lendica on record. Three times the recipe ingredients at one time. It took my biggest pot to do (and barely handled it) plus another huge put for the prep work on the vegetables and lentils.

I'm quite proud of myself. Lendica = GOOD. If you haven't tried it yet, do so! Sprinkle some salt and/or Parmesan cheese on it. Make sure to let it set overnight before eating for the BEST effect!


MOVIE: Quarantine

This was a really good horror flick! I truly enjoyed it. I did not expect to, which sort of helped... It was filmed just like "Cloverfield", from the perspective of someone video taping the entire movie, and it worked well. I really recommend this movie if you like horror.


Poor O.J.

It's hard to have any sympathy for O.J. Simpson, now convicted on twelve counts for armed robbery and kidnapping. Part of me wants to say "what if he REALLY WAS innocent of his wife's murder" way back when, but frankly, it seems like on of this situations where "if it smells like a skunk, acts like a skunk, etc... it must be a skunk". Sorry, O.J.