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Doctor Who (and updates galore)

WHO:   I just finished watching several key episodes of Doctor Who from the latest season in the UK (season 28, or season 2, depending on your points of temporal reference).

Russell T Davies and company have done a FANTASTIC JOB with this latest reinvention of the famed British series! I'm glad the SciFi Channel brings The Doctor's latest adventures to America (mere months after it aires in the UK). The finale ("Doomsday") was awesome, as usual. I'm more glad, however, that BitTorrent exists.

GENERAL:   I have a lot of updates to post (movies seen, events attended, things done, thoughts briefly lost) so there will be a number of posts here very soon. I've been extremely busy with work and life and have been negligent in my "oh so important" postings here. I will catchup, however. I was going to back-date them, but I think that defeats the purpose of a proper journal (or blog, depending on your temporal reference) so I will not.

Stay tuned.