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Cable TV = Gone

Got rid of Cable TV a couple weeks ago.  Started using Hulu on the XBox 360, and got last night I turned in all the local channels via "rabbit ears".  Forty-six channels (12 marked as Favorites for daily use).  Not bad, so far.  Will look forward to either my main, or one of the unused, computer(s) in the house moving to the TV, with the old cable tuner card I have somewhere, to give me DVR capabilities, plus full web-video access.


MOVIE: Transformers - Dark Of The Moon

I, of course, enjoyed this movie.  I found myself laughing out loud quite a bit.  I am not sure how much someone who has NOT seen the previous movies would enjoy it simply due to the large amount of backstory on characters that may be needed to understand certain things (since I already know the backstory, it's hard for me to say).

I do have one semi-criticism:   Did we REALLY need to ripoff Star Trek's most infamous quote for Spock just because Leonard Nimoy was voicing the character?  REALLY?   Geez.   Someone call Paramount so they can get that paycheck... because, y'know, the needs of the movie studio outweigh the needs of the self-centered producer of a hit movie...  ;-)

Great flick overall.  I really enjoyed it.