The ongoing prattlings of a lifelong geek and his random luck with love, work, children and rediscovering himself.


Surprised, Not Surprised, And Confused

The title says it all, as far as the last few days are concerned.

One of your surprised me. One of you did not surprise me, and one of you has thoroughly confused me (leading me to believe I've been fooling myself).

Three songs come to mind... each unique to each of you. Each, now, ultimately bringing me a bizarre mixture of frustration, sadness, reminiscence, comfort of a sorts, but ultimately the knowledge that I've just never "gotten it", and probably never will.

Birthday Number 42

Chris took me to dinner at Outback along with Daniella. Mmmmmm. Steak and Shrimp = Good. I had wanted to spend my birthday with a pretty lady, so it was good that Dani joined us, because otherwise that part would have been an Epic Fail.

Thanks, Chris. ;-) And Dani. :-P


42 Pounds Later

I had been resting "comfortably" at a weight of 270 for quite a while (as low as 260, as high as 275) - maybe for over a year or so? I'm not really sure.

I started lowering my food intake around September/October of 2009. Went on vacation (a week-long cruise with Chris, where I ate a lot of protein, but was also more ACTIVE than I'd been in YEARS). Came back and was sick with the flu and then a cold, where I ate even less.

Now I find myself in an odd position:   I'm within range of my marriage weight (which was 220) at 238. I certainly need to tone up, but when you consider I immediately gained a *lot* of weight right after I was married back in '88, it's a bit odd to know I'm back around my pre-marital range again.

Given the other life changes happening right now (employment, family, friends), this is certainly a good thing overall (with the exception of the anticipated "toning up" I need to do). 2010 is certainly going to be a year for major changes (some forced, some by choice, and some by random chance). Anthony's in the Army, Amanda's working with her grandfather and getting married in a year-plus, Daniella is taking classes for a possible major career change, Chris is finishing up high school and preparing for his currently-desired profession, Dad's gone, Mom's dating, friends have moved, or are moving, jobs are changing (especially for me) and I'm looking at having a life again after a very insane 2008 and a subdued 2009. I really like the idea of a "life" again.

42 pounds at the age of 42 (just in time, too). Yes, it's going to be an interesting year.


Preview Of The Movie "Kick Ass" (red-band version)

Wow. This movie is going to be pretty true to the original comic, it seems. Definitely meant for mature audiences (very strong language, very violent, and I'd be willing to bet will do well at the box office).

Visit this link to see the video if you're at least 17 and not offended by the above type of material.

If you're not familiar with the comic or story:   regular every day teenager decides to be a Bat-Man type vigilante, spawning others to do the same.



... also sucks (especially when taking a FREAKING prescription for it). 'nuff said.

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GAME: Mass Effect 2 - Continued...

After some trial and error, I finally figured out how to make Mass Effect 2 recognize my completed characters from Mass Effect. To summarize:

MASS EFFECT PLATINUM HITS EDITION - a poorly planned, poorly executed way of pulling people into the Mass Effect universe. Why? You could not properly play the second addon (ME PHE included the first addon free) without uninstalling the first addon and starting a brand new character.

This ended up being my problem.

Once I reinstalled the first addon ("Bring Down The Sky") and re-entered Mass Effect with one of my four completed characters, then COMPLETING the final scenarios, that character became visible in Mass Effect 2's import utility.

Frustrating, but at LEAST there is a not-too-insane workaround. Yay.

Now I can play the game the way it was meant to be... so far, it's pretty awesome.

Major BOOs go to:

1. Electronic Arts (EA): They have still to this very day, ignored my open service ticket on their support website, which I've updated about every other day. No acknowledgment that the ticket even exists!

2. BioWare Forum Moderators: I've been complaining about this since day 2 on their forums. I also contacted a moderator directly to get access to one forum which I had no posting access to - no reply.

Major YAYs go to:

1. Me. When I took the time to pull out my camera and photo-document everything I was trying, that pushed me to try EVERYTHING... and ended up giving me the solution.

2. Dani (my daughter): For being patient when I took the XBox from her to do my photo-documentary.

Time to save the universe.