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Turning 40 This Week

We just celebrated my 40th birthday today with local family. Not a huge event, but good food and good gifts. I'm truly blessed in many ways, topped off by the fact that I'm in love with not only four awesome children, but two more and a beautiful blonde wh will become my wife on June 14th. Life is great right now. ;-)

MOVIE: Jumper

This movie was as predicted. Very simple story line (almost made me believe it was setting up for a TV series) and the same simplistic I'm-Damaged-Goods acting from Darth Vader Junior himself, Hayden Christensen. It was a decent movie, but nothing to write home about, or to see twice. Rumor has it the sequel, if made, could involve time-travel on top of teleportation, which might be interesting.


Perpetual Motion - Unlimited Energy - It's Done

I'm still wrapping my brain around what this man has accomplished. I mean, it's all there, in living color. You have to check this out.

Updated 2-14-2008:   Per the comment left on this post, I found that the page has been disabled/renamed/something, so here are links to the videos that a third party posted to YouTube:   1-2 3 4 5 6 7

Updated 2-24-2008:   I'm *truly* excited by what this man and his team has accomplished. There is now a Wikipedia entry for his discovered where I'm sure many people devoted to exploring his discovery will be keeping a close watch. There is so much to look forward to as this is perfected. The simplest and potential most devastating impact could be an electric car that can charge itself indefinitely with no outside energy source. I think people should start thinking about the possibility of a LOT of humans in the US being out of work as this is refined and turned into a viable product. Oil barons? Bye bye.