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Web 2.0 Video

This video was mentioned in one of the weekly tech mags I read, and I have to say, it was very telling. Especially the end. The constructs we currently understand for Privacy, Sharing and Ownership are all evolving. Either we're going to have two distinct groups, or culture as a whole will move ahead with this bold new era...


Static Electricity monkey balls. Literally.

If you turn my laptop to the side so that sunlight shines on it at an angle, you'd think it's been sitting in a dusty field for 3 months. It's sickening. I wipe it down constantly.

I guess I'll be investing in anti-static cleaner/spray now.


Vista Upgrading, The Hard Way

I purchased a laptop late last year. A nice system, with dual core AMD technology. It included a free upgrade to Windows Vista Home Premium (if I remember the title correctly, since there are so many of them).

So I started the process of ordering my free upgrade recently. Initially it went smoothly enough, entering my 25-character code for Windows XP Media Center into their website. I even received an email with more info.

I was told to mail, fax or scan-and-email my receipt to them. I chose the latter. I asked that they reply back to verify it was received and nothing was going to delay things (since they needed "weeks" to ship it anyway).

No reply (not a shock really). So I sent a follow-up email, altering the subject line a bit to try and get around any automated system. No reply. I checked the website, which has a status tracker. I was "accepted, awaiting proof of purchase" it said. Hmm.

So I had an idea: I emailed the website using a brand new email with a friendly "Hello, are you still in business?" message, nothing more. I got a reply later that day. So, I've now replied to THAT email with "Great! Then you can answer my questions below so that my Vista upgrade goes smoothly. I await your reply."

I then pasted in the original exchanges and sent it off. I wonder if I'll get a reply, now that they revealed they ARE able to actually handle emails?

Idiots. I work with some people like this (and unfortunately, several of them work in our IT Department, which I've thankfully not been part of for years - I run the Data Processing department).

Oh well. As long as I get my Vista upgrade.

(oh, and I did try calling - that was useless, you CANNOT get a live person using any of the logical options - everything tells you about a website URL you can visit - I may try again one day and just go through every option, maybe find a SALES line, that many times works...)