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MOVIE: Pursuit Of Happyness

Well, this movie was "okay-to-good".

All the hype about this being Will Smith's best role ever, a tear jerker, etc, really didn't become apparent to me. It was "good".

If it was based on reality as it claimed to be, it just wasn't produced well, because it was just one huge downer through the entire movie, and the triumphant ending was really anticlimactic (to me). A couple of knock-knock jokes, Smith walking through a crowd of people shorter than him, and we're done. Yay (er, yawn).

It was okay... you can say "good". It wasn't great.


Takeya's Grand (Re-)Opening and Life Thoughts

So last night, Anthony (my son, that is) and I went to Takeya's grand re-opening at their new location. It's very nice, larger in some ways, and so far, the food hasn't changed (I was told previously that they would actually be making some changes, perhaps drastic, to the food format -- no sign of that on opening night).

M.K. was working, of course (she "invited me" to come to opening night). She's a really special lady... who has a boyfriend. (sigh) Hence, she and I have not gone out (otherwise I'm sure we would have -- we've already exchanged phone numbers and talked on the phone, but that was it once news of the boyfriend came out). I've "noticed" her for a couple years now at (the old) Takeya. I will not be one to interfere with another person's relationship (this happened one time in my life, under very different circumstances involving a woman married to this day to a cheating lying bastard of a husband) so that's that. She and I are friends and nothing will come of it unless she becomes available, and I know about it... although... she did try to get me drunk last night by giving me a flask of Sake. Hah!!! I am unclear if she knows the mild physical contact we seem to consistently have every time I see her, which I never see her perform with others at work, is having this effect on me. But I'm pretty naive when it comes to women, so...

I'm a fool. Yeah.

I had hoped that Cheryl and I might have a possible future as more than friends, but as she stated multiple times, she is too busy (owning a successful software business, being a single parent, etc). She is so ambitious. I really hope she ends up where she wants to be. I had hoped it might be with me. (shrug)

So at the moment, it appears I'm still 100% available, a little sad, and confused as to what I should do next. This is probably a major factor in my previous post regarding my lethargic Christmas activities this year (lack of shopping, blah blah blah).

Add to that the fact that the kids' have had to endure their mother being remarried this week (I get my last name back!!), each one with their own way of reacting to it (as usual), and I guess it's just a really weird season for me. My mother, of COURSE, tries to get me to "admit" that I am having "trouble" with the re-marriage of Jamie Quick (formerly Malena, formerly Lienberger), so I just let her think what she wants (there's no use trying to change her mind).

So it's 3:30am, I'm sitting naked at my computer desk (TMI? Sorry) typing this entry, because I can't get to sleep. I'm not interested in doing anything. Maybe I should grab my laptop and go to Denny's, sit alone, browse the web, or (hah) play a full blown game of Age of Empires III there. THAT'D get some funny looks. :-)

There are times I wish I were able to just go out and have random sex, but the truth is, in MY CIRCLE of influence, I only truly know of one person who does this, and she's freshly re-married now and is the DEFINITE exception to the people I normally congregate with. (I'm finding that I really do miss the variety of physical contact methods I enjoyed during my marriage -- I'm trying to word that so that if my kids read this, I don't completely alienate them by grossing them out) I used to try and convince myself that I was the oddball (being faithful), but I know I'm not. And I'm glad that I'm just like (most) everyone else in my small circle of friends. Faithful, god-fearing, and full of my own brand of Love that will most likely blow the socks off of whomever I end up with. I keep pleasant memories of (yes...) certain events with Jamie in my mind because it actually feeds my good-feelings, remembering things personal, family, sexual or just plain silly in the past. I really, REALLY look forward to having that again with someone I can give my all to. Again.

Christmas 2006

So it's December 23rd (barely) and I have bought one gift (he better like it) and one family gift (I know some of us will enjoy it).

I've really been turned off by this Christmas season. I kept thinking about making cookies again for co-workers as I did last year (huge but fun ordeal) and never did. I did actually buy a nice used item for David and Keith at work which hopefully they're using. But in reality, I've not sent one card and am finding it near impossible to get motivated to try and do any more purchasing.

I did buy wireless network cards for the kids four computers, so that the cable across the entrance area can be removed, and if their computers ever move, they just need to be plugged in, not wired for 'net. That will be nice... once I get up and actually put the cards in (today, I'd like to believe).

Amanda took her written driver's permit test, but had a problem and will need to take it again. I'm not so concerned about that as I am about the fact that for the first time, she could not hide from me the fact I've know for years -- she should be wearing glasses. She is far too vain, unfortunately, and will not wear them ("I'll buy contacts, I won't wear glasses"). We live in reality where contacts cost a LOT more than a pair of glasses to buy and maintain. However, barely passing the vision test, only by squinting and opening each eye over and over, was not a good sign. We'll be discussing this soon when I can get time to take all four kids for a non-annual eye exam. Anthony needs new glasses to break, anyway.

I've been taking the opportunity this past couple of weeks to play Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the XBox 360, and handily beat it on Normal, while I currently make my way through Hard. Check the achievements on our Live account.

(sigh) Hopefully by Christmas I will have gotten a few more purchases done, but...


Canadians Cure Diabetes... Film At Eleven

Apparently Canadian scientists have found a "virtual cure" to Diabetes in laboratory mice. The story is here.

It sounds pretty amazing (involving the nervous system, and mice being injected with a drug and being "healed" overnight). Apparently there are some similarities between Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis (scary thought there) as well.

Hopefully this is something that can be reproduced in humans, and brought to market, "within years" and not decades...


Oinky Piggy

It's really frustrating (bordering on fantasy-violence sometimes) to sit next to someone who makes loud obnoxious noises while eating various foods at his desk. *crunch* *smack* *snort* *crackle* *sniff* Get a clue. CLOSE YOUR MOUTH while eating!!!

I can't be the one to deal with this person, and both HR and my "manager" refuse to deal with it.



It's very frustrating to be "in charge" of something (for a very long time) and to be regularly undermined by those you answer to.

Vague enough? Good.