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Office Depot Advice + Buying Printers = BAD!

The title says it all.

Thank GOD for a Manager who understands my frustration and is refunding pretty much ALL of my money on a HUGE MISTAKE (that mistake being letting their employees guide me on what to buy).


Catchup Is For French Fries

The more I contemplated "catching up" on various happenings in my journal, the further behind I've gotten with real-life events happening. So, I'm just going to continue from here. There are SEVERAL movies that I've not posted about, but it's too late to bother now. I will mention, however, the movie on DVD "The Boondock Saints", which is quite vulgar, but VERY good!

Right now, I've got the SCHS Band Football Program in full production (waiting on a lot of materials which is beginning to scare me as far as deadlines are concerned, but shhh, don't tell the Band, because per the norm, I will get it done) and I recently went out with a really great lady who I've known for a while but never [had the bawls] to ask out. I'm hopeful on that front (she's great!).

The kids are back in school. My tickets to my 20th high school reunions are purchased (for the primary reunion, the plane, the hotel and the car). I get to meet with friends and classmates from both of my high schools (Duarte High and Calvary Road Christian Academy). My computer desk is organized again (we'll see how long that lasts). The dog and cats are happier than they've been in a long time. I finally got two trees that were badly damaged during hurricanes in recent years taken down (lots more firewood, which is also nift). I've had a number of odd employment items come up lately which blew me away (including a position which involved becoming the COO of a company, which I literally walked away from). I've become addicted to Tijuana Flats restaurant -- hot sauce bar = good! I really want "Guitar Hero" for the XBox/Xbox360 (but they don't MAKE it for the XB/XB360 yet), but there are THREE new DDRs coming out in time for Christmas, which rocks.

Did I mention I went out with a really great lady recently..? Who happens to be of like mind as far as technology is concerned? Yeah...

I think that's enough for this forced-blast catchup. No mustard, no onions, just catchup. Ha. Ha. Ha.