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MOVIE: Kung Fu and Hitchhiking

Tonight, we go to see KUNG FU HUSTLE. It looks like it will be funny. Laughter would be good after ten plus days in the hospital...

This weekend, we go stick our thumbs out and see THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. I understand that, as with any great [series of] book[s], this has been altered heavily from the original texts (but then again, H2G2 itself was modified and added to over the years, especially in the forms of the BBC mini-series and the radio plays). If it's even half of what Douglas Adams originally created, it should be good.



Got to spend ten days in the hospital (I just arrived home an hour or two ago). This was fun. In a few weeks, I should have a properly-usable foot again, as well.

Life is grand sometimes.



Anyone have any clue why Leonardo da Vinci was featured on Google today? It's not his birthday... so...?


Wide world of possibilities

Somehow, when moving from my personally-hosted journal to, I got caught up in the stupidity of other people who I no longer have much association with, so I'm ending that now.

There's a wide world of possibilities out there, waiting for me and for my children. I can't want to experience some of them... :-)


Moving to a hosted journal finally

Well, I have finally decided to go ahead and use a hosted journal mechanism (aka "Blog"). I have had journals online since 1999, and this will be the first time I am using something other than my own hosted website to store them. (most recent journal at my family website here, while previously at my romantically-based site here)

We'll see how this goes...