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The Family Is Complete

Vesta and Mason have officially moved in full-time (this is happening because otherwise she'd be paying another month of rent and utilities in Jacksonville, plus hundreds more dollars in gas again), so the household is once again "complete". Mindy is living in the Jacksonville area, likely for the foreseeable future, but has a home to come to if/when she makes a decision in that direction.

I'm very happy to have my Love home with me full time, finally. Life is looking up in many ways, and we're two weeks away from the wedding! Time to send out reminders to those coming...


MOVIE: Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Harrison Ford discovers interdimensional aliens. *yawn* It was an okay movie. Not stellar, and smacked of rehashed special effects (especially the emulated-Ewok celebration in the jungle).

Daniella And I - Updated

It seems that things are just not working out with my oldest daughter and I.

I'm unable to accept a hateful, horrid attitude towards all family members, self-righteousness, and the inability to talk in a civil manner.

Sometimes you get to a point where it's better that you simply remove yourself, or the problem, from your circle. It's extremely discouraging when it's a beloved family member.

My daughter, Daniella, is forcing me into a decision I never could have imagined having to make, especially after her decision to live with her boyfriend, Emmett. Now I'm the one that has to consider the good of the rest of the family, including my new extended family, and Dani just doesn't seem to care.

2008-05-29:   It's funny how things work out. Dani and I talked and we're cool-beans again. It's funny also how a hateful person can help in the process of mending fences between others. So to my ex-wife I say... Thanks! You, as usual, have given the kids even more clear information as to the kind of person you are and will continue to be. I was going to be mad about the lie written in Dani's nice scrapbook, but since she was intelligent enough to know it was completely crap and ripped it out, I'm content. :-P


Wedding Fast Approaching

Good grief. 3x the number of people I expected to come to our wedding have RSVP'd!!


Turning Water Into Fuel

So hot on the heels of my posting relaying the astounding feat of one gentleman showing that you CAN generate more energy than you expend doing it (which defies certain "laws" which will now have to be updated), another more down-to-earth gentleman has come up with something out of a scifi story: turning water into energy

Using a patented process, this man is able to use H2O (water) and electricty to create what he refers to as "HHO". He demonstrates how it produces flame that is barely warm, but when it's exposed to other surfaces, it becomes hotter than the sun. So he took the next logical step and has converted an old Ford into a water-powered vehicle (he then adapted it to be a hybrid, to also from gas if needed). He also demonstrated how using the "torch" he created, the flame actually goes back to it's original format after hitting a surface -- water.

Watch the video (hosted by Rick Dees from a television broadcast; I'm sure there are other locations on the web with this info by now)... Click here to see this amazing proof-of-concept.

THEATER: Tony 'n Tina's Wedding

A surprise to me, my friend and Best Man David, and his wife Takako, took us to see "Tony 'n Tina's Wedding", an interactive dinner theater/show. I had seen mention of this in an advertisement somewhere, but never decided to go see it.

Wow. It was GREAT fun. Definitely an adults-only affair, since it's basically the story of a New York Italian wedding and the resultant hijinx (drunken priest, floozy bridesmaids, angry mothers and other such stuff). From the moment you walk up to the entrance, you're pulled into the wedding scenario (a young lady approached us, asking if we'd seen her boyfriend Joey, showing us a picture -- she was part of the show).

Basically Tony and Tiny get married, there is a dance, some speeches, and by then, there has been some alcohol and a lot of drama, which tumbleweeds into hilarious situations. There is at least 5, if not 10, storylines running at any given time, and the actors are walking all around the audience and involving them in the fun. Despite not feeling completely well that evening, I had a blast!!

Thanks to David and Takako for this unique and awesome evening of fun.

MOVIE: Iron Man

Robert Downey was born to play Tony Stark, that I have to admit.

This movie was phenomenal. And to boot, despite modernizing it for the current timeline, the original storyline was kept very much intact as far as the original of Iron Man. Combine that with a modernization of one of Iron Man's best storylines (the discovery that his technology is being used for purposes other than what he intended, and his decision to take care of it himself) and you end up with a great script.

The ending was a bit of a shock (they've opted to take the modern day approach from the Marvel comic, as Tony reveals that he is Iron Man in the very last line of the [regular] movie.

Then came the after-credits portion of the movie... which fanboys like me all sat in the theater waiting for. Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson) of SHIELD pays a visit to Tony to discuss the "Avenger Initiative". Cool stuff.

Side note: The use of "Jarvis" as the name of his interactive computer system was a nice touch. But why do I get this uneasy feeling that the eventual "Ultron" story is going to derive from this? Maybe even The Vision will, too. Interesting...

I look forward to sequels, and to the new Hulk which will have a related tie-in apparently (Tony Stark will be appearing, along with Nick Fury, it's reported).


The day finally came. Vesta and I piled the girls into the van and we headed off to see WICKED in Orlando, courtesy of "Broadway Across America".

What a great musical this was! It certainly deserves all the accolades it's received over the years. We even had an understudy performing the role of Elphaba (who is known as The Wicked Witch Of The West in "The Wizard Of Oz". The music, the stage, choreography and visuals, combined with the awesome prequel and concurrent storylines (the first act takes place before the original "Oz", while the second act takes place during the same time period), made for a terrific afternoon.

I'd like to see someone combine both into an all-inclusive musical someday.

Slacking lately

I have not posted in just about a couple months, but it's mainly because it's busy-time for me. Added to that the fact that I'm in the process of getting married on June 14th of this year and "Tony is a busy boy".... so, I'm about to post several entries that are overdue, in chronological order.