The ongoing prattlings of a lifelong geek and his random luck with love, work, children and rediscovering himself.


A Lot Of Storage-izzle

As I contemplate building my new "whore" (that's become what I always call my latest computer when I'm in the processing of planning and/or assembling it) I stumbled across the perfect storage solution... for the man with Bill Gates' income that is:

1.36 petabytes anyone?   Sheesh!


My Creative Side

I have to admit it.   Not only am I the ultimate band geek parent (or band parent geek, or some kind of band+parent+geek entity), but I am now officially entrenched into my former creative side.

I've collected comic books since around 1979.   I freely admit that because it's not only cool, it's a major investment for either me, or one day my children.   I loved to draw in my spare time -- I never really thought I was that good.   At one point, a friend and I toyed with making a comic company (never anything serious) which was called "R&M Comics" (Rigali and Malena, our italian/sicilian last names), a few pieces of the artwork from which has survived (you can see a few pieces of it if you are a member of RoosterTeeth.Com -- look for AMMalena there -- or by visiting my website).

In any case, with the creation of the Peach Bowl DVD that many of the band students purchased (which was basically an archive of all their adventures in Georgia last December, set to music), I got the itch back.

Now, after having been dubbed the band's official photographer, having been nominated to the board as the Football Program handler (i.e., I get to create the advertising program that is passed out at football games next year), I am now making two more DVDs -- the Year-End DVD (covering the different bands' and color guard's events over the school year) as well as the Senior Farewall DVD (which based on the current product, I think may actually pull a tear or two out of some graduates).

I'm totally into this.. like, massively, insanely, absolutely loving it.   It gives my mind something to do instead of wasting time doing NOTHING productive on the computer, and allows me to exercise my creative muscles quite a bit.   If I had a partner in life at the moment, I'd have already bought a digital video camera so that the two of us could be recording events from two angles (alas, that will not happen any time soon, I believe).   So currently, I do all capturing (both video and still with my 8MP Sony DSC-F828 camera w/6GB of storage).   Who knows.   This could even be the beginning of an eventual career change. (?)

The one thing that's been a thorn so far:   remixing music -- or more specifically, having to remix the same song now four times due to changes in the Senior Video.   What a pain... but the end result is still awesome.   :-)


MOVIE: Basic Instinct 2

I saw this movie out of partial boredom, partial "I wonder if she ever really admits anything from the first movie", and partially just to have something to do.

It was barely worth it.   All the reviews are true.   It's a truly malformed story, where Sharon Stone (who I now call Madonna of the Movies - I never realized how raunchy she was) actually makes her role in the first movie look like a PG rated endeavor.   If I had to hear here refer to a certain sexual function ONE more time, I think I would have screamed right there in the theater, embarassing myself in front of the other three movie-goers that were there.

What a waste of money it was.   An expected "surprise reversal of events" at the very end was not enough to make this thing truly worth going to, in my opinion.


New Pet Peeve

I've decided to add to my list of "pet peeves" today.

People who are in the same room, sending emails to each other, and occasionally replying verbally with very vague comments, making those around them wonder who or what they're talking about.   It's very rude.

I've caught myself doing this on rare occasions, and am making a stand to not do it anymore so I can continue to be a good example to my employees and co-workers.


What Gives


The kids are all in bed (the night did not end well between us).   I am trying to get pictures scanned for a year-end DVD (for the graduating seniors at Spruce Creek High School) that I'm authoring, and am having a hard time getting motivated to get the tedious part done (the scanning).   Work seems to be very slowly getting less and less attractive for various reasons (not even the ones that most I work with would think).   I bought a router to replace the faulty old one... and I hate it.   Three completely different females in, and not in, my life, are all driving me insane (and I'm quite sure they do not know it).   And I. Am frankly. Depressed.

I started, then the next day deleted, a separate journal from this one "elsewhere" on the web recently.   The purpose, I told myself, was to have an anonymous outlet for myself.   As honest as I am here, I can't fool myself into thinking I'm being 100% honest.   My kids read this.   Certain co-workers read this.   Women-of-note are (I assume) occasionally reading this.   I sometimes really hate having been raised with "Baptist sensibilities" and the bizarre fill of self-imposed limitations that I currently "enjoy".   I could really take a lesson from some of those closest to me (but apparently I refuse to).

This entry is obviously both POINTLESS and SCATTERBRAINED.   I should delete it, but then it would defeat the purpose of TRYING to be open and honest.

I sometimes want to SPOIL my children.
Other times, I would like to FIND A NEW JOB.
These are incompatible.

I sometimes wish my wife were still around.
Other times, I wish that Bright Eyes would get a clue.
Both of these stem from "adult loneliness".

I sometimes think that I would rather just disappear from existence.
Other times, I feel the need to plan seventeen events for the family.

This is just another in a 38-year series of events showing that I am a man of extremes, who finds it hard to find a middle ground on much of anything.



Jennifer at work mentioned to me a random fact that I found interesting.

We're coming up on a unique date and time.   April 5, 2006 @ 1:02AM and 3 seconds.

01:02:03 04-05-06



Slashdot Covers April Fool's Day Properly

Thanks, Slashdot, for covering April Fool's Day perfectly.   I especially enjoyed the Google Romance link.

Update:   Now Wikipedia has an entry for April 1, 2006.   That's rather.. bizarre.