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To Blogger Or Not To Blogger

I logged onto Blogger this morning to shut down my Journal here after several years, because I was going to just use Google+ posts for the same purpose.  It now seems that Google has finally integrated Blogger into Google+ as they  had previously advertised they would do.  So... I'm staying with Blogger for now.  Let's see how this works.

Haven't been posting a lot lately, mainly due to a control of information (in a very public way - I find that usually works best) that has to occur thanks to the ex-whore and her family's shenanigans. (aww, did you not think I had any clue?  sorry, "dear")  Funny thing when previous family members pretend to be lawyers and pretend to have my children's best interests in mind while attempting to steal their freedom and control... those children get smarter every day, and I am able to mostly sit back and watch the proper courses of action take place.  A little nudge here or there sometimes.  But mostly, my kids proving they are the intelligent, see-through-the-bullshit awesome people that I always hoped they would be.  :-*

2012 promises to be good based on my current course.  ;-)   Can't WAIT for 2004-30916-FMCI to finally hit.  ;-)  

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