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October of 2011

I know, I know.  I haven't been posting much this year.  There are reasons for that.  But suffice it to say I am extremely content with how every single aspect of my life is going right now, even dealing with the "final stupidity" of days past coming to a head in the coming weeks (with basically no possibility of a negative outcome for me). 

I think the one thing that is bugging me right now is that I have family of the furry-persuasion that will be splitting up among human family members soon.  I do not look forward to that at all.  One has already migrated, while the other two are very clearly reacting to things "they sense" in the household.  I'm talking, of course, about Kosh, Boomer and Six Point One.  Just when I thought the effects of my own children starting their adult lives were finally settled in my heart and mind, now it's happening all over again.  I know what people mean (even the ones most consider crazy for expressing it) when they say their animals are family.  I've always felt that way, but now it's like "kids leaving home" all over again.   It's the one thing that has been depressing me randomly over the past few weeks.  (sigh)    But I guess that makes sense for an overly emotional person who like to bottle it all up inside.

So to Jaime I say "love you baby", to my daughters "can't wait for Horror Nights next week!", to my sons "I'm insanely proud of your contributions to the US Army and totally envy you right now", and to Volusia County "Thanks!  Every single thing I've asked for is happening in perfect order to end the stupidity of days past!"

A special shout out to Eric and Jacob - thanks for your support of my ongoing changes and helping the "final piece of my life-changing puzzle" fall into place.  You literally were the final aspect of things to make it all possible.  :-) 

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