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End Of This Journal

It's become obvious to me that I am no longer using my Blogger / Blogspot journal.  So this is my "goodbye" entry.  I am posting much more regularly (though in smaller messages now) on my Google+ Profile.  Most of it is Public.  Link = My Google+ Profile

So, later days.  See you in the Googlesphere...


MOVIE: Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

I have to say that Cruise and Company came up with a great sequel.  This is definitely worth seeing for it's action and technobabble (mixed with a lot of reality, such as the magnetic flotation device they used, which is currently real technology).

I'm tempted to go see this a second time with family members who haven't seen it yet.  I anticipate the series will continue because I can't fathom this one not getting great box office receipts.  Very little that (I think) would be a problem for early teens to see.  Go enjoy it!

MOVIE: The Muppets (2011)

I really can't say much about this movie beyond that it was "okay".  These days, I'm not big on "family friendly" movies like this, I guess.  It seems to be mainly aimed at little kids, despite the inclusion of "Forget You" by Ceelo Green (sung by chickens).  So, it's fine if you have little kids, that's about all I can recommend.


To Blogger Or Not To Blogger

I logged onto Blogger this morning to shut down my Journal here after several years, because I was going to just use Google+ posts for the same purpose.  It now seems that Google has finally integrated Blogger into Google+ as they  had previously advertised they would do.  So... I'm staying with Blogger for now.  Let's see how this works.

Haven't been posting a lot lately, mainly due to a control of information (in a very public way - I find that usually works best) that has to occur thanks to the ex-whore and her family's shenanigans. (aww, did you not think I had any clue?  sorry, "dear")  Funny thing when previous family members pretend to be lawyers and pretend to have my children's best interests in mind while attempting to steal their freedom and control... those children get smarter every day, and I am able to mostly sit back and watch the proper courses of action take place.  A little nudge here or there sometimes.  But mostly, my kids proving they are the intelligent, see-through-the-bullshit awesome people that I always hoped they would be.  :-*

2012 promises to be good based on my current course.  ;-)   Can't WAIT for 2004-30916-FMCI to finally hit.  ;-)  


October of 2011

I know, I know.  I haven't been posting much this year.  There are reasons for that.  But suffice it to say I am extremely content with how every single aspect of my life is going right now, even dealing with the "final stupidity" of days past coming to a head in the coming weeks (with basically no possibility of a negative outcome for me). 

I think the one thing that is bugging me right now is that I have family of the furry-persuasion that will be splitting up among human family members soon.  I do not look forward to that at all.  One has already migrated, while the other two are very clearly reacting to things "they sense" in the household.  I'm talking, of course, about Kosh, Boomer and Six Point One.  Just when I thought the effects of my own children starting their adult lives were finally settled in my heart and mind, now it's happening all over again.  I know what people mean (even the ones most consider crazy for expressing it) when they say their animals are family.  I've always felt that way, but now it's like "kids leaving home" all over again.   It's the one thing that has been depressing me randomly over the past few weeks.  (sigh)    But I guess that makes sense for an overly emotional person who like to bottle it all up inside.

So to Jaime I say "love you baby", to my daughters "can't wait for Horror Nights next week!", to my sons "I'm insanely proud of your contributions to the US Army and totally envy you right now", and to Volusia County "Thanks!  Every single thing I've asked for is happening in perfect order to end the stupidity of days past!"

A special shout out to Eric and Jacob - thanks for your support of my ongoing changes and helping the "final piece of my life-changing puzzle" fall into place.  You literally were the final aspect of things to make it all possible.  :-) 


MOVIE: The Help

There were no surprises in this movie - the commercials and hype surrounding it gave it all away - but it was still an enjoyable story told, acted and directed quite well.  I enjoy seeing the history of racism and related stupidity told from the point of view of those who were oppressed.  :-)